We offer many services and programs to students and student groups on campus. 

Break Shuttles

Break Shuttles are provided through the Department of Public Safety office which is located in the Kauffman Building. Please call visit their break shuttle site here for questions and schedules.

Publicity Supplies

The College offers supplies to student organizations to help advertise their events.  A poster maker, banners to be painted and hung on Britton Plaza, a die cut machine for making large letters for bulletin boards and bulletin board paper are among items that are available.  The Student Senate also makes available for use by student organizations a copy machine and colored paper for duplicating.  To make use of any of these supplies please stop by the Student Life Office on the lower level of the HUB, Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.  The copy machine is located in the Student Senate Suite on the lower level of the HUB.