The Center for Global Study and Engagement will provide international students with transportation to the Dickinson College campus from the Harrisburg transportation hubs listed below at the beginning and end of each academic year, or academic program in the case of exchange students.

Students are responsible for their own transportation arrangements for personal travel and during break periods (fall pause, Thanksgiving break, semester break, spring break). Due to the large number of international students arriving and departing at the same time, exceptions to this policy cannot be made, and students must make their transportation requests by the deadlines indicated on the transportation request form.

Transportation cancellations or changes must be made 72 hours in advance by notifying the Center for Global Study and Engagement at 717-245-1341. Any “no-shows” or cancellations/changes within 72 hours of the pick-up will incur a $45 fee to be paid by the student. Documented delays or cancellation by your airline, train, or bus service will not incur the fee. Any such changes to your itinerary must be reported immediately to the Center for Global Study and Engagement (or to Public Safety at 717-245-1349 outside normal office hours).

Transportation to campus will be provided to and from the following locations ONLY:

Beyond the transportation offered by the Center for Global Study and Engagement, Dickinson College offers various shuttle services for all students to utilize during the break periods. Shuttles are arranged by the Department of Public Safety for a low fee.