Testimonials from Dickinson Students

During the summer of 2007, Dickinson College sent a team of students to national sessions of LeaderShape, thanks to the generosity of friends of the College.  Below are highlights of comments from students who attended:

“You don't often get 6 days to focus on YOUR vision, YOUR goals.  LeaderShape gave me that and SO much more.  My Family Cluster became so close and today, over a year after those 6 days, we continue to keep in touch.  I get an inspirational quote of the day from one of the guys in my group, one of my closest girl friends studied abroad the same time I did so we supported each other through that.  Even though all of our goals and "gags" are different, we shared a lot and developed a special bond, something that would normally take years to form.  I have participated in several leadership conferences in high school and college, but LeaderShape is the only one that continues to stick with me every day.  It is unique and incredible, and definitely one of the most impactful experiences of my life!"
– Kaitlin Irvine, Dickinson College Class of 2010

“I have included LeaderShape on my resume under “leadership experience” and was asked about it a few times during my job search. In particular, when I interviewed for my current position, one of my interviewers asked me how I work in group projects. It was easy for me to answer this question because my experience at LeaderShape was so memorable. In my answer, I discussed lessons I learned from LeaderShape as well as an example of how I implemented those lessons while working with a group. My interviewer seemed impressed. I continue to employ lessons from LeaderShape while interacting with peers in professional settings."
– Ellen Simon, Class of 2009

“Each day at LeaderShape was a tremendous learning experience.  I learned about leading with integrity and the steps and relationships that make such a thing possible…I was constantly being challenged to look deeper and deeper inside myself to find my true beliefs and to express them… the vision [for action] that I created while at LeaderShape was only made possible through a lot of deep thought that was facilitated through the experience… [LeaderShape] has left a very positive mark on my life.”
– Benson Ansell, Dickinson College Class of 2010

“It was an amazing opportunity…I learned a lot about personal integrity and being a good leader, lessons that I know will be invaluable as I begin this upcoming year as an RA and as a student at Dickinson College.”
– Brendan Gallagher, Dickinson College Class of 2010

“The experiences and lessons I learned at LeaderShape are some of the best that I have ever encountered… I went into LeaderShape with many interests and passions, but with no ideas how to unify them or to act upon them… but it wasn’t until I sat down at LeaderShape and actually sketched out my values that I realized what I want my future to look like….”
– Kelly Rogers, Dickinson College, Class of 2010