Expectations for Fraternities and Sororities at Dickinson

This online policy content is provided as a resource for the students, faculty, staff, and administration of Dickinson College. Content is subject to change. Please contact the appropriate person or office to obtain the most current information.

The fraternity and sorority community at Dickinson College is composed of organizations which have petitioned the college for recognition and have accepted and met the conditions for recognition. The fraternities and sororities are organized under the jurisdiction of their respective coordinating/governing bodies recognized by the college, the InterFraternity Council and the Panhellenic Association and its Council. These bodies and the individual fraternity and sorority chapters are recognized as components of the Dean of Students Office and contribute to the fulfillment of its mission and objectives as well as to those of the college.
  • Fraternities and sororities have been recognized by the college because they can:
  • Enhance the diversity of student life.
  • Foster the development of life-long relationships and friendships.
  • Contribute to the educational and personal development of students.
  • Create an environment that promotes and encourages academic achievement and intellectual development.
  • Enhance the extra and co-curricular programs of the college and contribute to the life of the campus through participation in and support of programs and activities.
  • Provide structured opportunities for self-governance, leadership and management skill development.
  • Serve as a vehicle to involve students in service to the college and Carlisle communities.
  • Foster a life-long affiliation with Dickinson College.

Under the oversight of the Enrollment and Student Life Committee, the Dean of Students Office requires all fraternities and sororities to submit to an annual evaluation process. The on-going goal of this annual evaluation process creates opportunities for the college to communicate to each fraternity and sorority the college’s expectations, recognize areas of excellence and work with each organization on areas that need improvement. The basis of this process is to create an environment for on-going conversation, trust and support between the college and its recognized fraternities and sororities to ensure success for all involved.