Registration Deadlines (see registration directions below)*
Fall 2016:  Monday, September 12, 2016
Spring 2017:  Monday, February 6, 2017
Summer 2017:  Monday, June 5, 2017

*Students should register the internship at the beginning of the experience/term.  If a summer internship starts in May, do not wait until the June deadline to register. If you are considering an internship that starts after a published deadline, please contact Amity Fox

Program Details

About the Internship Notation Program (INP)

The Internship Notation Program is Dickinson's official program for recognizing an internship.  The program runs in the fall, spring, or summer terms.  While enrolled in the INP, students attend their internships and complete reflective assignments throughout the experience. All program components are submitted online.

After successfully completing the INP while interning, the internship is included on the student's transcript as course number INTR 7xx with a "PA" grade.  

Several academic disciplines require or allow the internship notation program to fulfill their graduation requirements, including Policy Studies (Law & Policy and Policy Management), Educational Studies, Women's, Gender, Sexuality Studies, and Archaeology (for those not doing excavation fieldwork), International Business & Management, the Health Studies Certificate, and the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE) Certificate.


  • Internships must be at least 8 weeks and 80 hours in length and occur during an academic semester or summer.
  • Open to matriculated Dickinson students in any year or major.
  • Must be pre-professional, closely supervised work experiences that enhance your knowledge about an industry or organization.
  • Internships must be registered by the deadlines listed above, unless otherwise negotiated with the Director of Internship Programs.

* For more details, please review the Internship Notation Program Policies

Benefits of the Internship Notation Program

  • Receive official college recognition of your internship. The internship will be documented on your official transcript as INTR 7xx.
  • Ensure that you are covered by the college's liability insurance while you are interning.
  • Receive support from the Dickinson staff during your internship.
  • Reflect on your experience while you do it, leading to better defined career and personal goals.
  • Learn to effectively articulate your experience on your resume and when you interview for future internships, jobs, or graduate/professional school.

Register for the Internship Notation Program
Log in to Gateway and click the "Forms" icon.  The internship registration form will be listed among your available forms on the left-hand menu.

You will know that the registration is submitted correctly when you receive an automatically generated confirmation email.  If you do not receive the confirmation email, contact the Director of Internship Programs.

Registration for the INP must occur at the beginning of the internship (usually at the beginning of the semester or summer).  Then, while you complete the internship, you also do the reflective work.  There are deadlines in place for each semester and summer.

The program is designed purposefully with the internship and the reflections occurring at the same time.  We cannot grant notations retroactively.


Q. Where have Dickinson students interned?
A.  Students have completed the INP at internship sites across the country and the world.  For information and ideas, check out our "Interns in Action" page.

Q. After registering, what else is involved with the INP?
A. Throughout the internship,  you are guided through the Program and reflective component.

You will complete short reflective assignments that are progressive in nature.  The reflective assignments are focused on YOU; they are designed to help you think critically about your experience and allow you to better explain what you learned and how/why it was useful to you.  The reflections lead to better defined career and personal goals and help you to better articulate your experience to future employers and graduate/professional schools.

All assignments are submitted through Gateway (there are no required face-to-face meetings).

Q. Do I get a grade?
A. No.  Upon successful completion of the internship and INP reflective components, the experience is documented on your transcript as INTR 7xx with a "PA".  
If your department requires or accepts participation in the INP as part of a graduation requirement, the Internship Program staff will coordinate the initial approvals and send a full report to the department chair at the end of each term.

If you do not successfully complete the internship or the reflective component/requirements of the INP, you will not receive the notation.

Q. The internship site says I have to get credit for this internship. What do I do?
A. You can confidently tell the employer that you are able to register the internship with your college.  So... You should apply!  We work with you and the employer to ensure requirements are met and the required/necessary paperwork is completed.  Send an email to the Director of Internship Programs with the details about the opportunity.

Q. What is the Research Experience Notation (REXP)?
A. The Research Experience Notation is different from the Internship Notation Program in that the principal activity and focus of the research experience is original investigation designed to create new knowledge in a recognized field of inquiry.

The Research Experience transcript notation is intended to provide formal documentation of non-credit scholarly scientific research experiences that take place during the summer under the supervision of a professional researcher at Dickinson or at another institution.  Examples include student-faculty research with a Dickinson faculty member (on campus or at a field site), or participation in a summer research project at another research organization (typically a college or university, private research foundation, etc.).

For more information, see the REXP page.

Additional Internship Resources

For additional questions, contact Amity Fox, Associate Dean of Academic Advising and Director of Internship Programs, at 717-245-1760 or