Photo of the casa luso-hispana

Romance Language House -- Reed Hall

Located in Reed Hall, the the Romance Languages House provides a unique, Spanish and Portuguese-speaking living environment for students who wish to practice and improve their language skills. Parallel to this language immersion, students living in the Casa gain significant insights into the lives, customs and values of Spanish and Portuguese-speaking peoples.

In conjunction with the Portuguese Club, and assisted by the Brazilian Fulbright Teaching Assistant, students organize frequent programs centered on topics related to Luso-Hispanic cultures. 

All students who wish to live in the Casa shall apply to the Department of Spanish and Portuguese by filling out the Application.  Signed applications should be turned in to Professor Carolina Castellanos (Bosler M12) or Department Coordinator Elizabeth Zizzi in the main office of Bosler Hall no later than March 24th, for the 2014-2015 school year. Students off campus may send the application via email to The uppermost admission criterion is ability and demonstrated willingness to conduct oneself at all times in Portuguese. Exceptional second semester first-year students may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Preferences for selection will be given in the following order:

  1. Rising (forthcoming) Portuguese and Brazilian Studies minor students 
  2. Students who are native or near-native speakers of Portuguese and have demonstrated interest in helping to teach their culture and values to non-native speakers  
  3. Students who have completed Portuguese 115 or its equivalent who are minors of Portuguese or majors of Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies and have demonstrated a commitment to studying abroad in a Portuguese-speaking country during their junior year
  4. Students who have not yet completed Portuguese 115, but who plan to be majors of Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies or Portuguese minors, and/or plan to spend the junior year abroad in a Portuguese-speaking country.
  5. Students who are taking or are going to take Portuguese 115