Senior Theses List

Over the years, senior theses have spanned a very wide range of topics.  Listed below are the titles of some of the senior theses:

  • Understated Strength: Celebrity Agency in Republican China
  • Nature Out Of Naturalism: Characteristics Of Aesthetic Nature In Early 20th Century Japanese Naturalist Literature
  • Misdiagnosis In Korea: Psychotherapeutic Alternatives For Culturally Specific Illness
  • Do I Look Pretty? Exploring Beauty Ideals and the Beauty Economy in China
  • Urbanization and Gender in 21st Century China
  • The Rise & Fall of Taiwanese Identity Politics
  • De-Uniforming Uniformity: Modern Japanese Deviant Fashion
  • The Sweatshop Dilemma and the Evolution of Management in China
  • Beyond the Bullets: Professionalism in the Personnel of the Modern Chinese Army
  • The Place of the Globalized World: Nishida Kitaro and Japanese Ultra-Nationalism
  • The Role of Music in China
  • Akutagawa Ryunosuke and Murakami Haruki: The Erosion of the Individual in a Modern World