Mail Forwarding for Students

During the summer and winter breaks your mail will be automatically forwarded to your home address. If you leave school during the semester your mail will be forwarded once stats are received. If you are remaining on campus during the summer or winter break, you need to contact the Student Mail Room; otherwise all of your mail will be forwarded home and intra campus mail is returned to the sender if address is provided. If you request to have your mailbox open you must pick up your mail daily.  All first class and priority mail, USPS (United States Postal Service) packages and subscription magazines will be forwarded. Newspapers, catalogs, media mail, cd’s, bulk mail and presorted standard mail will not be forwarded. During Winter Break packages that cannot be forwarded will be kept in the Package Pickup, unless you are going abroad during the Spring Semester. UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. cannot be forwarded. Packages for a student that is returning each semester that cannot be forwarded will be held, processed, and a notice placed in the student's mailbox prior to the start of the semester. Intra-office mail will be returned to the sender during all breaks.

Graduate (February and May) mail will be forwarded to their home addresses. It is the responsibility of the graduate to inform all correspondents (banks, magazine, newspaper subscriptions and family) of their new address.

Forwarding International Mail is not permissible
The Student Mail Room will hold mail for returning International Students. The Student Mail Room must be notified by email that the student wants their mail to be held until they return to campus. If not returning to Dickinson College, all mail will be RETURNED TO SENDER. It is up to the international student to notify banks, magazines, etc. when their address will change. The Student Mail Room is not responsible for international mail that is sent to the student after he/she is no longer at Dickinson College. All mail will be RETURNED TO SENDER. The exception to this is when the international student stays in the US. We can forward his/her mail to an address in the United States, if they alert the Student Mail Room.

Package Pickup is located on the lower level of the Holland Union Building (HUB). All mail and packages for students, administration, faculty/staff that has a barcode will be scanned into our tracking system.

Students must have their Dickinson College ID, when picking up the items at Package Pickup, without a Dickinson ID, the mail will not be relinquished. Because of storage, or lack of, we recommend you send packages no more than two weeks before the start of a semester.