Whistleblower Policy - September 1, 2016

The Dickinson College Whistleblower Policy exists to establish a procedure for college employees and students to report illegal, fraudulent, unethical or dishonest activity or other misconduct involving the college’s financial or business affairs that they might be uncomfortable raising in any other way. If the concern relates to the terms and conditions of employment or enrollment, or is a disciplinary or grievance matter, employees or students should follow the established policies already in place for addressing such situations. For the full text of the Whistleblower Policy, click here.

Employees who wish to file a whistleblower report may do so by reporting the complaint to his/her supervisor or by reporting the complaint using InTouch, an independent third party confidential reporting service. Students may report complaints of whistleblower activity to either the Vice President of Student Life or by using InTouch. Whistleblower reports may be oral or written, including by e-mail or by completing an InTouch on-line form. Contact information: