Health Insurance

2013-2014 Spring Term Enrollment

In order to ensure that all students are able to fully participate in their academic life, Dickinson College has established the following policy regarding health insurance for students:

If you are a full-time matriculating student who is not a U.S. citizen you are required to be enrolled in the Dickinson College Student Health Insurance and will be automatically enrolled. All other full-time matriculating students attending Dickinson College must enroll in or waive out of the insurance coverage offered by the College. Students who wish to waive out of the coverage must be U.S. Citizens and provide proof of comparable private coverage. Students who do not enroll or waive by the end of the open enrollment period will be automatically enrolled in the Dickinson College Student Health Insurance.

Once a student is enrolled in the insurance a cancellation will only be allowed for certain life changing events and must be approved by the Carrier. No cancellation will be allowed for any reason if the insurance has been utilized by the student.

The purchase of the student health insurance policy provides a spring term of health insurance with effective dates of 01/01/2014 thru 07/31/2014 at a cost of $846.00.  Any student who has not enrolled or waived by January 17, 2014 may have a hold placed on their student account. Any student who has not enrolled or waived by January 31, 2014 will have a charge of $846.00 placed on their account.

Information on enrolling in or waiving out of the student health insurance will be sent to the students' home addresses in December. Beginning December 2, 2013 you may enroll or waive using the following links:

To Enroll

To Waive

For further information please contact our insurance administrator:  RCM&D, Tim Cummons at 1-800-346-4075 ext. 1452 or email: