The cast of "A Flea in Her Ear"

The entire cast of A Flea in Her Ear.

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September 2013: Cecil Andrew and Adeleine Ewing Fund

The Department of Theatre and Dance present The Cecil Andrew and Adeleine Ewing Fund performance by Pam Tanowitz.

Students in the Dance Theatre Group (DTG) perform the work of our guest choreographer in residence, Pam Tanowitz.  A Bessie Award-winning choreographer, Tanowitz's boundary-breaking treatment of classical dance is both eerily familiar and distinctly contemporary.  There are echoes of dance history in her work, which references Petipa, Balanchine, Robbins, Cunningham and Graham, among others, but her theatrical force is entirely her own.

"a clear sighted post-modernist" - The New Yorker 

Wednesday, September 15 (4pm)
Cubiculo, black box theatre (Above the Carlisle Theater)

October 2013: A Flea in Her Ear

The departments of Theatre and Dance present the Georges Feydeau's classic French farce of marital mayhem.  This masterpiece is chock-full of mistaken identities, slamming doors-and revolving beds!  When sex-crazed Madame Raymonde believes that her buttoned-down husband is being unfaithful, she sets up an elaborate ruse to entrap him at the Frisky Puss Hotel, thus setting in motion a series of unintended, uproarious consequences that few comedy writers have ever matched. Laugh, laugh and laugh some more.

Friday, October 11 (8pm)
Saturday, October 12 (8pm)
Sunday, October 13 (2pm)
Monday, October 14 (8pm)

Mather's Theatre, Holland Union Building
Regular Admission: $7
Student Admission: $5

November 2013: The Dance Show

So, You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars, dances during Super Bowl half-time shows, even Michelle Obama's "mom" dance - these are just a few examples that demonstrate the dance explosion we are witnessing in popular culture.  Tapping into that age-old debate between techne and poesis, craft and art, The Dance Show promises to be complex and mesmerizing as it explores these issues. Joining us will be one of the most exciting choreographers currently working in New York, Pam Tanowitz, our Ewing Fund special guest artist, who will choreograph for the DTG students.  Also joining us will be the 1997 alumna Bliss Kohlmyer, now Assistant Professor at University of South Florida, who will return to choreograph a student-performed work.  Post-graduate fellow in dance, Dina Verley-Christophe will create a collaborative project between DTG and other dance groups on campus.  Curated by Sarah Skaggs, Director of Dance at Dickinson, The Dance Show promises to be mesmerizing, poetic, and awe inspiring.

Friday, November 15 (8pm)
Saturday, November 16 (8pm)
Sunday, November 17 (2pm)

Mather's Theatre, Holland Union Building
Regular Admission: $7
Student Admission: $5

January 2014: Oedipus

Pendragon Theatre will present Sophocles’ Oedipus translated by Steven Berkoff.

“Who done it?”Oedipus is considered the first detective story. He is made King by solving the riddle of the Sphinx: "What is the creature that walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon and three in the evening?" The story of this play challenges his skills further as he attempts to unravel the murder mystery of who killed the former King.  He does not disappoint, but the consequences send shivers down the spine.

Is Oedipus guilty? Is this a man whose arrogance and blasphemy lead to his downfall? Or is he merely a victim of circumstance and coincidence?  Or a hero who pursues truth no matter what the costs?  Fate or free will?  Steven Berkoff, the translator of this version of Sophocles 429BC play, remarks "I've always been fascinated by this play, since it has one of the most remarkable plots in world of drama. Also the most shocking." Much has changed, but not our unrelenting quest to answer “Who am I?”

The cast includes Josh Luteran as Oedipus, Leslie Dame as Jocasta, Jordan Hornstein as Tiresias, Chris Leifheit as the Messenger and Jason Amrhein as Creon and is directed by Pendragon’s Executive Artistic Director and Dickinson Professor Karen Lordi-Kirkham.

Monday, January 20 (8pm)

Mathers Theatre, Holland Union Building
FREE admission. (Seating is based on a first-come first-served basis.)

April 2014: The Burial at Thebes

The Burial at Thebes
A new translation of Sophocies' Antigone by Seamus Heaney
Conflicts between individual freedom and restrictions by state, as well as the conflict between Divine Law and Civil Law are truly evident as Antigone defies her Uncle Creon's new law denying the burial of her brother who was considered a traitor. Antigone is caught enacting the burial writs which she feels he is entitled and is severely punished.

Friday, April 11 (8pm)
Saturday, April 12 (8pm)
Monday, April 14 (8pm)
Tuesday, April 15 (8pm)

Mather's Theatre in the Holland Union Building
Regular Admission: $7
Student Admission: $5

April 2014: Freshworks 2014

Student choreographers team up with the Dance Theatre Group (DTG), Dickinson's student dance company, to present a program of dynamic new dance works. DTG is under the direction of Professor Sarah Skaggs; Director of Dance.

Friday, April 25  (8pm)
Saturday, April 26 (8pm)
Sunday, April 27 (2pm)

Mathers Theatre, Holland Union Building
Regular Admission: $7
Student Admission: $5