Mapping Dickinson's Future

The Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) is pleased to report that it has concluded its work for the year. As was indicated in our April update, we have produced a Report on Strategic Direction rather than a more comprehensive strategic plan. This final report captures the input of the college community and the deliberations and analysis of the SPC during our year’s work. The report is intended to be aspirational and to magnify the college’s strategic priorities, yet it also allows optimal flexibility for the new president to assess the college’s next steps once he or she joins the community.

While the SPC's final report reflects the work of the college and the committee throughout the year and has approval of the full committee, the report is not a strategic plan and has not been presented to the faculty or the board of trustees for ratification. Thus, the SPC's final report is meant to be a resource for decision-making and planning, and not an absolute guide.

Our Report on Strategic Direction identifies three conceptual anchors for the work of the college: inquiry, inclusion and engagement. The SPC affirms that the college’s historical mission and our educational pillars of global engagement and sustainability remain relevant, but we need to think about these in a more focused way to better live our values. Framing Dickinson’s endeavors through the lens of inquiry, inclusion and engagement is a means of removing some of the silos at the college, such as academic and student life or various academic departments, and of bridging and connecting our work in innovative ways that better serve our students.

We appreciate the many individuals, offices, committees, departments and organizations that contributed their insights to the strategic planning process over the course of this academic year. We believe this Report on Strategic Direction truly reflects the priorities expressed by the Dickinson community, and we look forward to the implementation of these goals in the coming months.

Committee roster


Helen Takacs, Associate Professor of International Business and Management


Suman Ambwani, Associate Professor of Psychology
Marcus Key, Joseph Priestley Professor of Natural Philosophy
James McMenamin, Assistant Professor of Italian
Brett Pearson, Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Jerry Philogene, Associate Professor of American Studies
Claire Seiler, Assistant Professor of English
Sarah Skaggs, Associate Professor of Dance; Director of Dance
Stephen Weinberger, Robert Coleman Professor of History


Brenda Bretz, Senior Associate Provost of Academic Affairs
Joyce Bylander, Vice President and Dean of Student Life
Brontè Burleigh-Jones, Vice President for Finance and Administration
Jessica Jones, Assistant Vice President of Relationship & Resource Management
Mike Reed, Vice President for Institutional Initiatives
Robert Renaud, Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Neil Weissman, Provost and Dean

Support Staff:

Meridith Brozik, Executive Secretary, Library & Information Services
Tim Richwine, Mechanical Lead, Facilities Management


Natalie Ferris - Class of 2018
Isaiah Gibson - Class of 2017
Ethan Andrews - Class of 2016

Committee Support:

Ashley Perzyna, Assistant Chief of Staff, Office of the President