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Deb Bolen

Assistant Provost
Phone: 717-245-1798
Office: Biddle House

Noreen Lape profile picture

Noreen Lape

Associate Provost of Academic Affairs and Director of the Writing Program
Phone: 717-245-1904
Office: Main Floor, Waidner-Boyd Lee Spahr Library

Photograph of Neil Leary

Neil Leary

Director of the Center for Sustainability Education
Phone: 717-245-1954
Office: Room 195, Kaufman Building

Shalom Staub

Shalom Staub

Associate Provost of Academic Affairs and Civic Engagement
Phone: 717-245-1080
Office: 2nd floor, West College (Old West)

John Henson

John Henson

 Senior Associate Provost of Academic Affairs
Phone: 717-245-1434
Office: 1st floor West College (Old West)

Damen Yarnell profile picture

Damon Yarnell

Dean of Advising
Phone: 717-245-1080
Office: Room 206, Biddle House

Brandauer samantha

Samantha Brandauer 

Executive Director of the Center for Global Study and Engagement and Associate Provost 
Phone: 717-245-8060
Office: Stern Center for Global Educ, Room 013 

Cheryl Kremer

Cheryl Kremer

Director of Academic and Foundation Relations
Phone: 717-245-1098
Office: 50 Mooreland Avenue