General Information

Students completing an internship will be able to register for the transcript notation program for official recognition of this type of experience. The Career Center will oversee these internships. Students register via Banner Self-Service.


301 Internship Seminar
Studies in the seminar will analyze the workplace through the prism of the liberal arts. Through guided readings, oral and written reports, and structured conversations, students will critically reflect upon and analyze their workplace experiences. Students will study the formal and informal structures of the workplace through a variety of liberal art disciplines, and develop a sense of how their liberal arts education serves them in the workplace. Offered at Dickinson Centers abroad. 
Prerequisite: Must be simultaneously engaged in an internship. This course is offered credit/no credit only.

7xx Internships for departmental credit
This is available to students who are in majors which require internships. Students will register via Banner with consultation from the supervising faculty member. Faculty-sponsored internships are registered individually as 700 courses specifically attached to the departments in which they are arranged. Students receive credit for the combination of coursework and the work at the internship site. Arrangements for the internship must be made in advance. Students wishing to undertake a faculty-sponsored internship need to consult with the faculty sponsor during the semester preceding the one in which the internship will be undertaken.
This course is offered credit/no credit only.