The following documents are available for download. Documents in PDF format can be read using Adobe Reader.

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Available downloads

FAQs IDOC Service

Financial Aid Handbook

For families - Explains College Board's IDOC process

NonCustodial Parent Profile for 2018-19

Financial Aid Policies and Procedures.
Answers questions students and families ask about Dickinson's financial aid program.

Family Grid for 18.19

Profile form for the noncustodial parent

Certification of Finances

Form to report family members, number in college (18-19)

International Student Financial Aid Application

Certification of Finances to be used by International Applicants

Verification Worksheet for Dependent Student 18.19

Financial Aid Application for International Students

Verification Form for SNAP 16.17

Verification worksheet for Dependent Student

Reduced Income Form for 2018/19

Verification form to document that a student has received SNAP benefits

Summer Student Loan Application

Form for families to use when requesting a review of their financial aid eligibility because of a reduced income situation

Verification Form for V6 Verification Status 16.17

Application form for a Federal Direct or Private Alternative Student Loan for summer school

Academic Year Off-Campus Financial Aid Information Form

This form is to be used by students who are selected for V6 Verification by the Dept. of Education.