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Online forms: Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement

Engagement & The Dickinson Fund Confidentiality Agreement

Recognizing the need to maintain individual and institutional rights to privacy and confidentiality and realizing that, as an agent of the college, my responsibilities necessitate the handling of sensitive information (both individual and institutional), I affirm my intention to preserve the strictest standards of confidentiality in the use of this information and agree to be legally bound by the same regulations affecting all college officials concerning the dissemination and disclosure of sensitive information.
Specifically, I affirm that:
1) I understand the need to exercise confidentiality in the handling of individual and institutional information.
2) I understand the importance of exercising care and assuring the privacy of my computer system passwords, the physical security of my work area, and the proper storage, transmittal, and disposal of college-based information stored on any media.
3) I am ethically obliged to report any attempted or successful violation of institutional or personal security or privacy. 
4) I understand the intent of this statement and will exercise diligence in performing my duties in accordance with institutional policy.
To confirm that you have reviewed the Confidentiality and Conduct Statement and that you agree to abide by it in representing Dickinson, please complete the following questions.

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