In November 2007 the Dickinson Faculty passed an APSC proposal to include information literacy in First Year Seminars. 

First-year seminars should include at least one assignment that requires students to:

  • seek and evaluate information on a topic relevant to the seminar
  • integrate that new knowledge into a project that allows students the opportunity to engage in scholarly conversation appropriate to the first-year level
  • revise their work in a way that allows them to recognize the iterative nature of research

First year seminar projects emphasize the college’s expectations in regard to academic honesty and citation, instruction that is begun when students take the college’s required Academic Integrity Tutorial early in the fall semester.

Research instruction can be easily integrated with many projects already planned for each First Year Seminar.

Each FY Seminar has a Liaison Librarian assigned to it. The liaison's role is to work closely with the faculty member to incorporate information literacy instruction into the seminar. Your liaison librarian can help you by teaching group information literacy sessions tailored to your course content, providing examples of effective library research assignments, helping to grade information literacy assignments, meeting with students outside of class time in small groups or one-on-one to provide research skills consultations, and obtaining materials (e.g., books, films) to support your course. Liaisons are assigned by the May meeting of FirstYear Seminar instructors.