GSA & Campus Queer/Trans Activist Leadership Summits

The GSA Summit & Campus Queer/Trans Activist Leadership Summits are events for high school and college students and staff to meet, network, and participate in workshops designed to help everyone better understand and advocate for LGBTQ students in central PA and beyond. The Summits are presented by The LGBT Center of Central PA and Dickinson College's Office of LGBTQ Services.

The 11th Annual GSA Leadership Summit will take place at Dickinson College on March 1 and 22, 2018. High school student and staff attendees may choose these dates; when registration reaches capacity for one date, only the other will be available.

College students and staff are invited to attend the Campus Queer & Trans Activist Leadership Summit on Saturday, March 3, 2018. Members of the Dickinson College community can attend FOR FREE - although we do ask that participants commit to attend the entirety of the day to maximize their experience of the conference.  Click here for the Campus Queer & Trans Activist Leadership Summit information and registration form.