Student Events with Alcohol Policy


Dickinson College expects the responsible use of alcohol at events that are hosted by students. Our support is demonstrated in the provision of clear expectations and education to student hosts, and is predicated on the expectation that students of legal age who choose to drink will drink responsibly and safely. It is the community's shared commitment to promote personal responsibility and respect for the well-being of self and peers.

The College recognizes the choice not to drink alcohol and actively discourages and holds students accountable for the irresponsible use of alcohol. In compliance with Pennsylvania laws and the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act, the College does not approve of the consumption of alcohol by students (or their guests) who are under the age of 21, on or off the campus. Inappropriate behavior involving the furnishing or consumption of alcoholic beverages will result in appropriate disciplinary proceedings and penalties. The College recognizes and cooperates with law enforcement authorities in their efforts pertaining to alcohol, and will seek to educate students about laws pertaining to alcohol, as well as about the use and abuse of alcohol.

By establishing this policy, the college supports

  • Events where alcohol is served to students of age;
  • Educational efforts that will assist student hosts in the responsible management of events involving alcohol; and
  • Organizations and individuals being held accountable to community standards for responsible use of alcohol.


Events Requiring Registration

  • Events where college space is being reserved
  • Events with alcohol in a residential space (room, house, etc.(, when attendance is double the room occupancy (as determined by fire code), plus one person
  • Any event with more than 25 people in attendance

Event Approval Process

  • Registration forms will be reviewed by SLCE to ensure they meet the guidelines in this policy as outlined below
  • Registration forms received by CASE and approved for a specific space will be forwarded to SLCE (Student Leadership and Campus Engagement) and Public Safety event approval personnel
  • Within 3 days the receipt of a completed registration form the organization submitting the registration will be notified regarding the status of the event application

Community Standards and National Organization Guidelines

  • All students are expected to be familiar with and adhere to the community standards as they relate alcohol and its use
  • If the host of the event is an organization affiliated with a national organization with its own risk management policies and event guidelines, the group is expected to be in full compliance with the policies and guidelines of that national organization in addition to those of Dickinson College. Greek-letter organizations are included in this policy.

Registration of Events

  • Events that require the reservation of college space must be registered two weeks in advance of the event
  • Events being held in college owned or operated areas that do not require reservation of college space must be registered through the submission of the EngageD form to SLCE, two weeks in advance of the event
  • A decision or required adjustments for an event from SLCE will be emailed to the listed party hosts within 72 hours of the start of the event. Required adjustments to the event to meet policy must be made and the SLCE notified by the date stated in the email.
  • Students are encouraged to notify SLCE (through the application form or in person) of any event not meeting the registration requirement where alcohol is served. This allows Student Life and DPS to be informed of the event and to identify a contact person.
  • Notification of an event not requiring registration can be made up to the start time of the event.

Requirements for Events Serving Alcohol

  • Hosts of events serving alcohol may not be first-year students
  • Hosts must be non-drinking during the event
  • Hosts are responsible for proper management of events including, but not limited to:
    • Ensuring attendees who are underage do not have access to alcohol
    • Being present for the entire event
    • Assisting personnel performing an event check
    • Issuing or supervising the issuance of wristbands which must be worn by attendees who are of age to drink
    • A decision regarding the type of wristband will be made by SLCE in consultation with DPS
  • A host is required for every registered event. If attendance is greater than 25 people, one additional host is required for every additional 25 attendees unless otherwise determined by the AERB
  • Attendance at events serving alcohol is limited to members of the Dickinson community and approved guests
  • TIPS trained servers are required. One TIPS trained server is required for every 50 people in attendance
  • A host may not also act as a server for the event
  • Alcoholic beverages to be served at an event must be checked to the TIPS server/bartender prior to the start of the event. The server will note who provided each item and at the end of the event any remaining item may be returned only to the person who provided it at the start of the event
  • For attendance where attendance of 100 or more is anticipated, the event host and/or sponsor must meet with SLCE and DPS prior to the event
  • All events of this type are subject to periodic checks by Student Life and/or Public Safety


  • All student-organized events will require wristbands, with 1-3 removable tabs.
    o Some senior class events, such as Pints with Profs and Senior Cider Social have wristband exceptions. This is arranged between the senior class, Dining Services, and SLCE.
  • Registered event hosts will receive wristbands with the number of tabs corresponding to number of hours of the event. (one tab for one hour, two for two, three for 3 or more hours)
  • Students are given a wristband upon entrance to the event after showing appropriate ID. (state/national if no list of 21-year-olds available; Dickinson ID if a list of 21-year-olds is)
  • To receive a drink students present their wristband to the TIPS server. The server then tears off the appropriate tab. If the student tears off their own tab they will not be given a drink.
  • Hosts will also receive tab signage. This will be given to TIPS hosts to display during the event. Each sign will state which tab will be taken at which time. For example, “Tab 1 8:00 – 9:00 p.m.”
  • Students who arrive at the beginning of an event will receive all the tabs available. (Example: If the event is from 8:00 – 10:00 p.m. anyone who arrives when the event begins will receive two tabs.)
  • During the event, one tab will be used per hour and no tab can be used after the designated hour is up. (Example: At the earlier party, if you arrive between 8:00 – 9:00 p.m. you could use “Tab 1” to get a drink. After 9:00 p.m. “Tab 1” is no longer accepted by TIPS servers.)
  • As the event progresses the students handing out wristbands must tear off tabs as each hour passes. So a student who arrives at the two-hour event at 9:20 p.m. will only receive one tab on their wristband, the other having been torn off. Note: If a student arrives in the fourth hour of a three hour event they may receive one tab.

Length and Timing of Events

  • Events must have a start and ending time. The maximum length of events will be four hours, during which no more than three (3) beverages may be served to any individual Any exceptions will be determined by SLCE, DPS, and Dining Services.

Types of Alcohol

  • Beer in cans or bottles and boxed or bottled wine are allowed for events
  • Other types of alcoholic beverages and types of alcoholic beverage containers may be considered and approved on a case-by-case basis

Quantity of Alcohol

SLCE determines the quantity of alcohol purchased. The number of guests 21 years of age and over, multiplied by the length of the party divided by the quantity of alcohol (either cases of beer, 24 cans, or glasses of wine, 5 in a bottle). Amounts are rounded down since not all students attend all events from the beginning. Quantity of alcohol is limited to a maximum of three drinks per person per event.

Example: If the Juggling Club held a three-hour dinner for 80 guests, 50 of whom were 21+, they could purchase 6 cases of beer, OR 30 bottles of wine, OR some combination of the two, 15 bottles of wine and 3 cases of beer.

Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages Requirement

At any event where alcohol is served, food/snacks and non-alcoholic beverages must be available. Dining Services can assist with determining appropriate type and quantity of food.

Funding Events

  • Event hosts may not charge for alcohol, charge an entry fee, charge for cups or other containers in which alcohol is served unless the host of provider has an appropriate Pennsylvania Liquor License.
  • Student Senate-funded groups may use funds from their individual -06 accounts to pay for alcohol for events, as long as all other above guidelines are followed. If no -06 funds are available, clubs and organizations may apply for alcohol funding through Senate, per their finance standing rules.