Phi Beta Kappa Officers



Tara Fischer '02
Associate Dean of Academic Advising & College Dean

Wendy Moffat 
Professor of English; John J. Curley '60 and Ann Conser Curley '63 Faculty Chair in Global Education

Sarah Kersh
Assistant Professor of English

Margaret Stafford
Budget Analyst, Financial Operations

Stephen Hietsch  
Associate Vice President of Auxiliary Services and Budget Management

Scholarship Committee
Jennifer Schaefer
Associate Professor of Mathematics

Regina Sweeney
Associate Professor of History

Sarah McGaughey
Associate Professor of German

The Associate  Members of Alpha of Phi Beta Kappa are happy to speak with students about their intellectual work and future plans. Here's who we are and how to reach us.

Suman Ambwani Psychology
Theresa Arndt Library and Information Services
James Bowman  Trout Gallery
Brenda Bretz Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness and Inclusivity
David Commins History
Rebecca Connor Chemistry
Mara Donaldson Religion
Doug Edlin Political Science
Lars English  Physics & Astronomy
Amy Farrell  American Studies
Tara Fischer Academic Advising
Holley Friedlander Mathematics & Computer Science
Kamaal Haque German
Stephen Hietsch Auxiliary Services & Budget Management
Sarah Kersh English
Marcus Key Earth Science
Dave Kushner Biology
Neil Leary Center for Sustainability Education (CSE)
Carol Loeffler Biology
Sarah McGaughey German
James McMenamin French & Italian
Eleanor Mitchell Library Services
Wendy Moffat English
Robert Nation Security Studies
Sarah Niebler Political Science
David O'Connell Political Science
Mariana Past Spanish & Portuguese
Brett Pearson Physics & Astronomy
Siobhan Phillips  English
Ted Pulcini Religion
Karl Qualls History
Tony Rauhut Psychology
Tara Renault Advancement
David Richeson Mathematics & Computer Science
Susan Rose Sociology
Cindy Samet Chemistry
Jennifer Schaefer Mathematics & Computer Science
Claire Seiler English
Chelsea Skalak English
Margaret Stafford Finance and Administration
Greg Steier English
Adrienne Su English
Regina Sweeney History
Julie Vastine Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring (ALLARM)
Neil Weissman Provost and Dean of the College
Candie Wilderman Environmental Studies
Amy Wlodarski  Music
Dana Wohlbach Biology