Required Courses

INST 170/POSC 170 – International Relations (3 Sections)
INST 280/POSC 280 – American Foreign Policy (2 Sections)
INST 281/POSC 281 – American National Security Policy

Elective Courses

COMP 203/INST 290 – Cyber and Information Security
FLST 310– Homeland Security
HIST 254/RUSS 254 – Revolution, War, and Daily Life in Modern Russia
HIST 370/AFST 320/INST 290 – Cold War in Africa 1945-2000
HIST 371/MEST 231 – The Arab-Israeli Conflict
INST 283/POSC 283 – Intelligence and National Security
INST 290/POSC 290 – Global Security
INST 290/POSC 290 – The Media in War and Peace
INST 290/MEST 200/POSC 290/RUSS 260 – Politics of Oil, Arms, Peace & War: U.S./Russia/Middle East Relations in the 20th & 21st Century
MEST 233 – U.S. Public Diplomacy in the Arab World
MEST 266/INST 277/POSC 277 – International Politics of the Middle East

Capstone Course

POSC 390 – Human Rights and Human Security

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