Department Chair
Marcus M. Key, Jr.
Joseph Priestley Professor of Natural Philosophy (1989).
Kaufman Building Room 143
(717) 245-1448
Department Faculty
Marcus M. Key, Jr.
Joseph Priestley Professor of Natural Philosophy (1989).
Kaufman Building Room 143
(717) 245-1448 |
B.S., University of Texas at Austin, 1983; M.Phil., Yale University, 1986; Ph.D., 1988.
Ganoe Award for Inspirational Teaching, 2004-2005.

His teaching interests are sedimentology, stratigraphy, paleontology, evolution, extinction, energy resources, and sustainability. His research interests involve inferring evolutionary and sedimentary patterns and processes using fossil and living bryozoans. His current research involves evolution of biomineralization, marine biofouling, functional morphology of bryozoans, and geoarcheology.
Benjamin R. Edwards
Professor of Earth Sciences (2002).
Kaufman Building Room 142
(717) 254-8934 |
B.A., Carleton College, 1989; M.S., University of Wyoming, 1993; Ph.D., University of British Columbia, 1997.

His research foci are glaciovolcanism (interactions between volcanoes and ice, including the formation of pillow lava and cooling joints), petrological imaging of lithospheric stratigraphy (using xenoliths from Neogene to Recent volcanoes in the North American Cordillera), and applications of theoretical models for understanding the transport and crystallization of silicate melts. His other interests include mineralogy, environmental hazards, the history of science, and the influence of plate tectonics on almost everything. His current research involves taking students to places like Monterrat (West Indies) to study xenoliths and volcanic stratigraphy, Iceland to study volcano-ice interactions, and northern British Columbia to map and collect samples of volcanic deposits, especially from volcanoes that erupted beneath or against ice.
Peter B. Sak
Associate Professor of Earth Sciences (2004).
Kaufman Building Room 137
(717) 245-1423 |
B.A., Whitman College, 1995; M.S., The Pennsylvania State University, 1999; Ph.D., 2002.

He specializes in describing and quantifying temporal and spatial variations in near surface deformation and landscape evolution. To document variability in regional scale deformation he integrates structural, geomorphic, and petrographic data sets. His current research projects involve field work along the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, in central Colorado, and Valley and Ridge of central PA.
Alyson Thibodeau
Assistant Professor of Earth Sciences (2015).
Kaufman Building Room 133
B.A., Amherst College, 2004; M.S., University of Arizona, 2006; Ph.D., 2012.

Jorden Hayes
Assistant Professor of Earth Sciences (2016).
Kaufman Hall Room 139
(717) 254-8303 |
B.S., Olivet Nazarene University, 2007; Ph.D., University of Wyoming, 2016.

Academic Administrative Staff
James Ciarrocca
GIS Specialist.
Kaufman Building Room 188
(717) 245-1978 |
B.S., Pennsylvania State University, 1980; M.S., University of Redlands, 2005.

Robert Dean
Department Technician
Kaufman Building Room 147
(717) 245-1109 |

Emeriti Faculty
Jeffrey Niemitz
Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences

Noel Potter
Prof. Emeritus of Geology
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P.O. Box 295
York Springs, PA 17372
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