Web Weddings: Winter 2016

View wedding photos submitted by Dickinsonians for the winter 2016 issue of Dickinson Magazine.

Lauren Ashley Smith ’06 married Brooke Helburn in Washington, Conn. on September 19.

There was a mini reunion at the wedding of Lauren Ashley Smith ’06 and Brooke Helburn. From left: Dario Vasquez ’09, Tynesha Wright ’08, Michael Henry ’06, Lauren Ashley Smith, Kirsten Fuller ’06, Sarah Hiller ’06 and Ashley Wilson (Dillard University, part of the Crossing Borders program).

Emily Bailin ’07 married Tim Wells ’10 on Oct. 10 in New York City, surrounded by family and friends, a majority of whom are fellow Dickinson alum!

Candace Draskovich ’07 married Alex Thomas ’07 on Aug. 14 in Pittsburgh with numerous Dickinsonians in attendance. Front row, from left: Marina Thomas ’77, Samantha Cohen Oreskovich ’07, Candace Draskovich Thomas ’07, Alex Thomas ’07, Mae Palmer ’07 and Sarah Curran ’07. Second row, from left: Alice Bisbee ’77, Caitlin Harris Piechowicz ’07, Amy Klein Emmett ’07 and Rachel Yampolsky Maybe ’07. Third row, from left: Beth Bullard, Jane Krebs ’80, Richard Thomas ’76, Paolo Boero ’07, Ryan McDevitt ’07 and Kevin Oreskovich ’07. Fourth row, from left: Prof. Emeritus Truman Bullard, Jared Hellman ’07, Alex Kragie ’07, Steve Lima ’10, Nick Grinstead ’07, Jack Sinchak ’07 and Don Thomas ’70.

Megan Rosenbluth ’07 married Christopher Ahlgrim (Elon ’06) in Philadelphia on October 11, 2014. Attendees included: Christopher Ross ’07, Lindsey Johnson Richardson ’07, Hamilton Clark, Bennett Richardson, Ashlie Merritt ’07, Jason Rosen, Nicole Hanson ’07, Jonathan Hays ’06, Katie Peck Fuchs ’07, Ben Fuchs and Christopher Rose.

Dana Bunting ’09 married Thomas Jack on September 12 at Locusts on Hudson in Staatsburg, New York City.

Meghan Norton ’09 married Matt Preble ’09 on July 25 in Washington, D.C.  Numerous Dickinsonians were in attendance.