Summer 2015 Web Weddings

View wedding photos submitted by Dickinsonians for the summer 2015 issue of Dickinson Magazine.

Maggie Allio ’05 and Jean-Yves “Rockko” Rwakazina ’05 were married on July 6, 2013, in Cambridge Springs, Pa., with many Dickinson alumni in attendance. Back row, from left: Emily Grobmyer '05, Lisa Bruning '04, Keith Dow '06, Darrell Pacheco '12, Michael Sauerwald '06, Isaac Zentner '05, Zoe Artz '06 and Dave Strunk '06. Front row, from left: Brendan Elick '06, Kiera Fredericksen '05, Maggie Allio Rwakazina and Rockko '05, Tracy Scott '05, and LeeAnn McIlhenney Glozman '01. Not pictured: Joshua White '01, Sara Abernethy '03 and James Greece '01.

Rachel Fleming ’08 married Casey Taggatz ’08 on April 19, 2014, in Phoenix, with several Dickinsonians in attendance.

Lisa Nichols ’08 married Tom Cialino at Blithewold Mansion in Bristol, R.I., on Aug. 8, 2014. They were joined by Dickinsonians from the classes of 1976 through 2010. From left: Grant Hastings '08, Colleen Hoy '08, Morgan Kelly Burke '08, Caitlin Steirman Goss '08, Emily Pease Bonnette '09, Christie Wetzel '10, Tory Bratt '10, Erin Mooney '09, Kailyn Hartman '10, Abby Snyder '08, Robert Nichols '76, Lisa Nichols Cialino '08, Rachel Finan '09, Amanda Aldrich Hastings '08, Daniel Basehoar '76, Wendy Losey Basehoar '76, Susan Blauner Nichols '76, Owen McClellan '09, Fabienne Kyle McClellan '09 and Alissa Basehoar May '07.

Frederick Barton ’09 got married in October to Margaret Morrison (Haverford ’09).

Brian Haig ’13 married Kellianne Peterpaul ’14 on Jan. 2. Many Dickinson alumni gathered in celebration of the wedding. Sherwood "Woody" Goldberg '63 was proud to be the oldest Dickinsonian in attendance, adding, "It was the largest post-graduation assemblage of proud Dickinsonians at any such wedding I attended. It was a wedding reception unmatched in my memory!"