We Buy: You Eat

Building Community Amongst Dickinsonians

LOCALTUNITY is a Dickinson College initiative for all students, faculty & staff aimed to build community, support the local economy, and buy and eat healthy local food together.

This community opportunity allows Dickinson employees and/or students to shop at the Farmers on the Square (FOTS) market together for fresh foods grown by local farmers and receive one $5 token per person to use at the market. Groups of Dickinsonians can double the fun of LOCALTUNITY by additionally agreeing to cook a meal together with their Farmers on the Square purchases.

Logistics for Fall 2020

The official program is on hold for the Fall 2020 semester due to COVID. However, we have adapted the benfits for students living on campus. 

ALL STUDENTS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR ONE $5 MARKET TOKEN FROM 9/23/20 to 11/18/20. You can safely go to the market (with a mask and social distanced) alone or with other students or employees currently living on campus to take advantage of this offer. We will waive the mixed group requirements. No pre-registration is necessary. We just want you to check it out and help support our local economy during these difficult times. 


  • Simply report to the information/volunteer table
  • Tell them you are a Dickinson student for LOCALTUNITY
  • Give them your name to get checked off the list
  • Receive your $5 token to spend at any market vendor

This is a special offer for THIS SEMESTER ONLY! We will re-evaluate the program when the campus opens. For now, the market is open Wednesday’s from 3:00-7:00 pm. https://www.farmersonthesquare.com/

Program History

This sustainability program originally launched in May 2014, with a goal to create a new campus initiative for community building. The program was immediately supported by partners in Student Leadership and Campus Engagement, the Wellness Center, Office of Human Resources, and Center for Sustainability Education. The program has been received with great success amongst students, faculty, and staff at Dickinson with over 700 unique Dickinsonians participating to date. Over 200 groups of three more went to the market together and over 100 groups prepared and ate a meal together after their Farmer's on the Square Market adventure.

LOCALTUNITY is sponsored by the Center for Sustainability Education, Human Resources, Student Development, Wellness Center and Farmers on the Square.

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