10. You have adjustment and transition concerns. College not what you expected? Thinking about studying abroad but have some concerns about the distance from campus? Your Dean is available to listen and offer support as you navigate transition throughout your college experience.

9. You want advice and guidance. Curious about what extra-curricular activities to choose? Wondering how to find a course outside of your usual interests? Everyone needs advice or guidance from time to time. Your Dean can give you tips and advice on a variety of things.

8. You need information about College resources and policies. Not sure if you can withdraw from a course or looking to change rooms in your residence hall? Your Dean is a resource for explaining and discussing college policies and procedures with you.

7. To share what brought you to Dickinson. Here for a special reason? Your Dean wants to hear the story. Were you drawn to opportunities for global study, our focus on sustainability, or something else?

6. To discuss your future plans. Already know that you want to be a surgeon? Still wide open to possibility and changing your mind twice a day? Your Dean wants the chance to talk with you about where you see yourself in the future. In either case, your Dean can help you think things through and connect with people who can get you where you want to go.

5. You’re not sure who to talk to. Have family news to share? Worried about your academic work?  Your Dean can help connect you with a network of supportive people at the college.

4. To address a campus issue. Something on your mind? Students often take the lead about important issues on campus or the wider world. Share your thoughts about the Dickinson community, events on campus, or other important issues.

3. You have an idea. Feeling entrepreneurial? Ready to take the lead? Whether members of first year seminar want to take a trip or you want to plan an activity for your First Year Interest group, your Dean may be able to help you make your ideas reality.  

2. To celebrate an accomplishment. Earn your first A? Win an award? Your Dean want to celebrate the high points in your college career.

1. Just because. Everything going great? Something not quite right? Either way, your dean wants to help you make the most of your experience at the College. Dickinson students have special talents and abilities. Getting to know your Dean will enrich your time on campus and help you achieve your goals.