Disability Resources & Services Available in the Library

The Waidner-Spahr Library is committed to providing a variety of assistive technology resources to all Dickinson students. Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 and Microsoft Windows 7 Ease of Access Center are installed on all computers in the library. Both contain a read-out-loud feature, as well as several other helpful attributes.

Ghost Reader, another screen reading software, is available on two Mac computers located in the Alden room on the lower level of the library, near the back wall. Ghost Reader will read aloud PDFs, text files, and Microsoft Word documents to its user.

Additional specialized software and hardware available in the library includes:

Read&Write Gold

Read&Write Gold (RWG) is a program to assist with reading and writing. It will read aloud digital texts—including Word documents, websites and PDFs, and has features to assist with outlining, research citations, proofreading, vocabulary-building, and more. RWG works with a floating, customizable toolbar where users can adjust the settings to their preferred voice and speed and even convert written text to an MP3 audio file to save to iTunes.

Video explanations of many RWG features, tailored for both PC and MAC users, are available at the tutorial section of TextHelp website. TextHelp also offers public webinars where users can obtain additional training.

RWG is available for free download to all members of the Dickinson community. Access to the download is through Gateway, via the Academic Resources page.

Read&Write Gold is also available in the following locations in the Waidner-Spahr Library: Alden Room, Information Commons, IC Classroom, and the Reference Commons.

Magnifying Systems

A CCTV Clearview+ Magnifying System that enables users to zoom in on small print materials is located on the upper level of the library. You can borrow a Farview portable magnifying system from the Office of Disability Services.

For more detailed descriptions or for information about additional assistive technologies that address a particular educational issue, please visit the Assistive Technology page on the Office of Disability Services’ (ODS) website. Send your questions by email to disabilityservices@dickinson.edu or by telephoning ODS at (717)245-1734.