Orientation & New Student Programs Staff

Meet your First-Year Mentors! 

The FYM (FY Mentor) provides an opportunity for upper-level students to help new students experience a positive transition to college. The FY Mentors will be assigned to one First-Year Interest Group (FIG) Group and act as a guide through new student orientation and throughout the first year of college. Mentors offer peer insight into academic and social life at college, as well as help introduce students to activities and events on campus. 

Senior mentors are five experienced student mentors who help train and advise a team of first-year mentors. Senior mentors act as helpful guides to other students who are are growing into the mentoring role. This group of student leaders meets bi-weekly through the academic year with the director of new student programs and once a month with their team of mentors.

Ta-Tyanna Williams 
Major: Africana Studies and History  
Hometown: Newark, NJ
Activities on Campus: MultiCultural Ambassador (MCA), Secretary of Trendsetters, Historian of Black Student Union (BSU), Student Liberation Movement, Sister Circle, & Outreach Coordinator of Popel Shaw House of Race & Ethnicity
Why I wanted to be a FYM: I wanted to be a first year mentor because my group and my mentor was amazing! I think my first year mentor group was a very important part of my first year because that was the first people I got to meet and got to know! I just want my group to be a sustainable family unit. Also, I feel like I have a mission to guide first years because of upper-classmen, mainly the class of 2017, paved the way for me to so! I'm so excited and I cannot wait to make Dickinson not only mine but ours! 


Owen Winslow  
Major: Englsih 
Hometown: Meriden, NH  
Activities on Campus: Dickinson Octals, Kappa Sigma, Club Soccer, Club Lacrosse, Sports Medicine Student Assistant. 
Why I want to be a FYM: As a returning senior coming back from a year spent abroad, I’ve come to recognize how special my time on campus has been thus far.  I want to reciprocate the experience that I had as a first-year for incoming students and I want to emphasize the value of our community as one that spans from first-years all the way to seniors.  My goal is to bring positive energy into the new year and give my group of first-years all the tools that they need to have an awesome year! 

Nicholas Struzenski
International Business and Management 
Hometown: Wellesley, MA  
Activities on Campus: Men's Squash, Liberty Cap Society, Phi Delta Theta Fraternity
Why I want to be a FYM: First semester of college can be daunting, and adjusting can be made easy and fun if you have a breadth of resources available to help guide you and answer questions. I wanted to be a First Year Mentor because my three years at Dickinson and range of campus involvement have enabled me to gain a unique perspective on how students can adjust smoothly into their first year, as well as what it means to be a Dickinsonian.


Ashley Morefield 
Major: International Studies & French and Francophone Studies
Hometown: Columbia, MD 
Activities on Campus: Co-Editor of the Microcosm Yearbook, Special Projects Coordinator at the Popel Shaw Center for Race & Ethnicity, Synergy Jazz Dance Team, Multicultural Ambassadors                    
Why I want to be a FYM: Dickinson to me is practically 75% the people.You meet people from all walks of life who influence the Dickinson community in their own way. I hope that my role at Dickinson can be helpful to the incoming first-years who will quickly find what makes them a true Dickinsonian! I'm pretty confident that these first-years will make my last year one of the best years yet, and I can only hope I affect their first year in a similar way!

Aliyah Walker 
Major: Psychology 
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA 
Activities on Campus: House Manager of Romance Language House, Phonathon, Devils Advocate,Tritons Liberty Caps Society, Intramural Referee
Why I want to be a FYM:I would like to provide the same nurturing and enthusiastic environment that was provided to me the minute I stepped onto Dickinson's Campus.Each and every student will have a different experience as a Dickinsonian but it is important that we all have the support and resources to ensure the best experience possible. In my first year of college I was exposed to way more opportunities and I have accomplished way more than what i had imagined for my first year of college.Many of these accomplishments were  through my relationships with not only my first year mentor but also many other leaders on campus who were eager to help provide any advice that could be useful for my college experience.  As a first year mentor I hope to share all that I have learned and experienced in order to foster a great environment for First Year students to enjoy all that Dickinson has to offer.


Natalie Ferris 
Major: Physics major, CPYB ballet certificate
Hometown: Lincoln, MA  
Activities on Campus:Triton, the VP of Dance Theatre Group, a Physics TA, and an Admissions Interviewer. 
Why I want to be a FYM:  My first year experience was defined by new experiences and creating close bonds with my professors. In turn, I want to be a first year mentor in order to help incoming first years find their passions and take full advantage of the opportunities Dickinson provides. There is not one set path through the Dickinson experience and I want to help each of the students in my FIG find theirs. I also I hope to gain a further understanding of the diverse backgrounds that come to Dickinson and the hidden work that goes into welcoming new students to campus. 

Sally Matlock  
Major: Political Science, w/ Religion minor 
Hometown: Chattanooga, TN 
Activities on Campus: President of Delta Nu, board member of Idea Fund, Career Center Coach, Lib Cap, Student Interviewer  
Why I want to be a FYM: I want to give back to the school that has given me so much already. As a first-year, I learned that the most important relationships are often with upperclass students. Having a trustworthy and fun FYM can make the first few weeks of college a lot easier and more exciting. 

Aisha Johnson 
Major: Undeclared 
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY 
Activities on Campus: Multicultural Ambassador- Event Coordinator, Work at Phonation as a Caller, HUB Supervisor, First Year Mentor, Black Student Union.
Why I want to be a FYM:  I want to be a FYM to be an extra support system to the incoming first- years. I remember being a first-year and having so many people willing to help me and share their experiences with me. I appreciated all the talks and lunches with upperclassmen that it made me want to give that same support and attention to incoming students. Lastly, I really enjoy meeting new people and seeing their growth throughout a period of time.

Julia Huddy
Major: Math and Physics Double Major
Hometown: Newtown, PA 
Activities on Campus: MOB, Montgomery Service Leaders, Society of Physics Students, Alpha Lambda Delta, Physics TA
Why I want to be a FYM: I want to be a First Year Mentor because I have met so many people at Dickinson that I can look up to, and I would like to be one of those people for someone next year. I hope to be a friend to first-years guiding them, helping them, and showing them that even though they might feel alone, they most certainly are not. I love meeting and connecting with new people, having conversations, and sharing the things I love with others, so I can't wait to share Dickinson with the new first-year class

Caroline Pappalardo
Major: Political Science and German
Hometown: Hillsborough, NJ
Activities on Campus: Mock Trial, Lib Caps, Big Brother/Big Sister Program, German Club, Greek Life 
Why I want to be a FYM: I love being part of students’ Dickinson experience! Being a FYM allows you to be a support system for First Year Students, and having a support system as a new college student is crucial for success! Getting to know a new class of Dickinsonians is exciting and reminds me why I love Dickinson so much! The Dickinson Community is a family, and welcoming new members into that family and helping them grow and thrive at Dickinson is such a privilege and reward! 

Rachel Lapp
Major: Environmental Studies and Food Certificate
Hometown: Wellesley, MA
Activities on Campus: Intramural Volleyball, Pi Beta Phi, I Am That Girl, Asia Pacific Association, Tritons, Global Ambassador for India Program 
Why I want to be a FYM:  I think the first year is one of if not the biggest transition for any 17/18 year old person. I wanted to give back to the Dickinson Community during my final year and why not to people who are maneuvering through something I already did. 

Jessica Bell 
Major: Neuroscience & Biology
Hometown: Pottsville, PA
Activities on Campus: Liberty Cap Society, Dog House, Alpha Phi Omega, Neuroscience Club, Student Interviewer, Admissions Office Student Worker, and Intramural Sports Supervisor. 
Why I want to be a FYM: I want to be a First Year Mentor because I want to be one of the many resources available to my peers making the transition to college. I want to celebrate their successes and help them overcome their challenges. I am excited to watch the first year students grow and thrive at Dickinson. My time at Dickinson has been full of making connections, taking advantage of opportunities and giving back. I want to end my Dickinson career knowing that there are first year students already taking advantage of everything this college has to offer. 

Phuong Uyen "Winnie" Nguyen Le
Major: Educational Studies and French
Hometown: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Activities on Campus: Norman M. Eberly Writing Center, Alpha Lambda Delta, Triton, President’s Commission on Diversity and International Students Experience Committee 
Why I want to be a FYM: As a FYM, I hope to provide substantial positivity, guide and encouragement for all of my first-years. I would love to be both a resourceful mentor and a keen friend whom they can always turn to. I want them to know that they’d never have to face the college-related challenges on their own and that they’d always have a solid support system readily available here for them at Dickinson. I also simply enjoy the opportunities of making friends and forming meaningful relationships.

Jennifer "Jen" Hylwa
Major: English 
Hometown: Morris, CT
Activities on Campus: Jive Turkey Ultimate Frisbee, Vice-president of Women’s Club Basketball, Exec. Board of WDCV, Women’s Club Soccer, Outing Club, WILD Pre-O
Why I want to be a FYM: My mentors on campus throughout my first year at Dickinson worked to make my transition into college as smooth as possible. They encouraged me to take opportunities that I was presented with and showed me how to navigate within the collegiate setting. The support that I received helped to make my first year at Dickinson great. Being a First-Year Mentor allows me to give back to the program that supported me, and I also hope to provide incoming first-years with a similarly good experience.

Emily Feldman
Major: Sociology  
Hometown: Hingham, Massachusetts
Activities on Campus: Delta Nu, Women’s Club Soccer
Why I want to be a FYM: As an incoming senior, I wanted to stay connected to Dickinson and leave a lasting impression on the student body.  I enjoy being a role model and thought that being a FYM would be a perfect fit for my last year of undergrad!

Courtney Pollard
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Seattle, WA 
Activities on Campus: Prison inmate GED tutoring club, Psychology club 
Why I want to be a FYM:  transferred to Dickinson after a rough first year of college. I believe it's important to feel comfortable and at home while at school no matter how far away you are. I'm excited for the opportunity to share my experience and help new students have the best first year possible! 

Jacqueline Ryan   
Major: Biology 
Hometown: Great Falls, VA 
Activities on Campus: I work as a SMSA (Sports Medicine Student Assistant), I am a member of Delta Nu, I frequently take various gym classes, and I have a loyal customer membership at Rector Science Complex  
Why I want to be a FYM: I want to be a FYM to make sure First Years have the very best introduction to all that Dickinson has to offer  

 Jake Beley 
Major: Computer Science; Minors: Mathematics and Political Science 
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Activities on Campus: Varsity Swimming, Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring (ALLARM)
Why I want to be a FYM: My interactions with upperclassmen during my first year really shaped my Dickinson experience. It is my hope that by being a First Year Mentor that I can rekindle for others the same experience and excitement that I had while being a first year student.

Jack Olsson 
Major: Undecided but intended Computer Science
Hometown: Charoltte, NC
Activities on Campus: Outing Club, Club Soccer, Kappa Sigma, WILD Pre-O
Why I want to be a FYM: I want to be a First Year Mentor because I had such a great experience with my FYM. This is a tough transitional period for many people, myself included, and I think just as I can share my thoughts and experiences as a college student, the First Year students can help me gain perspective as I continue my own college experience. Having my FYM and other people I met in my FIG was a huge part of why I enjoyed my first year so much, and I ultimately strive to be someone who can encourage and support others coming into this new situation. I am also really excited to be back on campus and to share that with new students.  

Zoey Miller
Major: Bio-Chemistry & Molecular Biology
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA 
Activities on Campus: Liberty Cap Society (Executive Board), Feminist Collective, Italian Club, Dana Research Assistant, FYM
Why I want to be a FYM: I wanted to become a First Year Mentor because the program was a key factor during my first year. I think that the bonds I was able to make put me on the right track both academically and socially and I was able to experience Dickinson to its fullest extent. My FYM helped me to love this school more than I thought was possible. My goal is to pass this passion onto the class of 2021 so that they may succeed in every aspect and know that I am a resource and a friend.  

Susie Fitts
Major: Undecided
Hometown: Duxbury, MA
Activities on Campus: Wild Pre-O, Dining Services Student Employee, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Ultimate Frisbee, Outing Club
Why I want to be a FYM:  I want to be a FYM because I want to help incoming students have the positive experience I have had at Dickinson. I hope to help students learn what it means to be a student at Dickinson by easing them into the transition from high school to college because I remember the process being quite nerve-racking and stressful. I was able to participate in the WILD Rafting and Hiking pre-orientation, and those same kids were in my FIG group when we arrived back at school as well as our leader on the trip was our FYM. I think that having a group of students as well as my FIG leader helped ease my transition because we learned everything together rather than alone with the help of an experienced student. I hope to help ease the transition to make incoming students' first years fun and worthwhile! 

Peter Brooks
Major: International Business and Management
Hometown:Southport, CT
Activities on Campus:  I am Director of Campus Life and Initiatives for Senate, I’m on the INBM majors committee, the Enrollment and Student Life Committee, and the Planning and Budget Committee.
Why I want to be a FYM: I decided to apply because I wanted to make the same difference that my first year mentor made in my freshman year. Arriving on campus can be a little intimidating but with the help and support of my first year mentor my transition to college was nothing like I expected. Because of this I want to return the favor to the incoming class and help them like my FYM helped me. I think that this program is a huge aid to incoming first years because it gives them a familiar face and also someone they can relate to. The first year at college is arguably the most important because you learn how to be on your own and gain a huge sense of independence. They are so lucky to be starting this journey and they have enormous amount of opportunities at their fingertips.  

Natura Sant Foster 
Major:Italian Studies and Political Science (but soon to be Art History!)
Hometown: Basking Ridge, NJ 
Activities on Campus:Student Senate, Kappa Alpha Theta, Italian Peer Tutor, Liberty Cap Society, Food Advisory Council, Dining Services, Kick Start Dickinson: Idea Fund Pre-O
Why I want to be a FYM:  I know that the experience of being a new student at a new school in a new place can be REALLY difficult, and want to provide my First Years with a sense of stability, comfort and happiness as they go through this transition. I want to provide them with the tools to feel confident, optimistic and excited about beginning their Dickinson careers. I find that the First Year Mentor position can mean many things, whether that be a person to laugh with, a shoulder to cry on, or a source of honest advice, making it an amazingly unique and rewarding role to be in. I believe so strongly in the First Year Mentoring program, and want to continue its success by lifting up our new students and inspiring them to do the same for those to come!

Justine Cenzer
Major:Political Science, Economics minor
Hometown: Davis, California  
Activities on Campus:Ultimate Frisbee, Alpha Phi Omega, Model UN, Tritons, Tour Guide, Global Ambassador
Why I want to be a FYM:I want to be a first year mentor because I want the chance to help shape the future of Dickinson. My senior year is my last chance to really make an impact on my school and I am hoping that I can leave my mark on the first year class. I also think this is a really fun experience, I loved my first semester and Dickinson and am excited to relive it in some small way through the incoming class.

Alex Bygrave 
Major: English 
Hometown: Morgantown, PA 
Activities on Campus:I'm a member of the Mermaid Players, a Phonathon caller, a Student Alumni Representative, and a member of the Liberty Caps Society
Why I want to be a FYM:I want to be a FYM because my own mentor did so much in helping me adjust to college life and get settled in at Dickinson, so it would be remiss of me not to give back to the school by doing the same for future classes. I think it's important for first-years to have connections with upperclassmen who can show them just how incredible Dickinson is, and who can make them feel comfortable and safe in all aspects of academic and student life here on campus. I hope to not only be that upperclassman for some of them, but also to be able to introduce them to other upperclassmen who can help them in areas where my own expertise might fail, so that together we can continue to foster that sense of community that makes Dickinson so great. 

Brigette Stickney 
Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Hometown:Saxonburg, PA 
Activities on Campus: Outdoors club, climbing team, pre-health society, science magazine, Eco-rep, Alpha Lambda Delta honors society, WILD leader 
Why I want to be a FYM: I want to be a first year mentor, because coming to Dickinson is such an exciting experience. I want to help this year's freshmen find their niche in the Dickinson community and relive the excitement with them as they begin college. Being a part of a WILD Pre-orientation and having a mentor to guide me through the first year of college made my experience so much more enjoyable, and I want to be that guide for the new students. I can't wait to meet the class of 2021 and see the amazing things they will do as Dickinsonians! 

Erlyn Garcia
Major: Mathematics 
Hometown: San Fernando Valley, Califas (California)
Activities on Campus: Student farmer, Dickinson Latina Discussion Group 
Why I want to be a FYM: One of the many things I was taught in high school was In Lak' ech it's raza. I know and I have seen struggle, education is home to me and I am fortunate enough to be here not because history wanted it that way but becausewe made it that way. We are the future and it all starts with awkward hellos and slow transitions. College is freedom and independence to explore where you want your time to be spent, I'm just here,prestando oido  you know. 

Ben Cross
Major: Mathematics and Computer Science 
Hometown:Manchester-By-The-Sea, MA. 
Activities on Campus:Outing club and look forward to working as treasurer of the climbing team this fall and of course WILD Pre-O
Why I want to be a FYM: I had an incredible WILD Pre-O where my first year mentor and other WILD leaders helped foster a small community for me and the others in the group. My mentor gave us a support structure not simply by giving us tips on where to get food on campus but by building a network for us to ease into as we step into a new environment. I want to give that opportunity given to me for a support system to my first years. By connecting them closely with each other in the beginning and helping them find their own place in the larger Dickinson community I believe new students can grow and develop into real leaders of the college. I want to be a first year mentor as a way of helping a new generation of Dickinson students find who they are and continue to make Dickinson the great school that it is. I also hope to be a person where my mentees can turn to for help. The transition into college from high school can be jarring and with it comes many questions from academic, to extracurricular, to social. I plan on being a resource for my mentees in any way I can and I look forward to the opportunity to support the incoming class that will continue to make Dickinson the wonderful place that it is.

Madigan Kay
Major: Environmental Studies 
Hometown: Brunswick, Maine Activities on Campus:Italian Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, Eco-Reps
Why I want to be a FYM: Leading up to orientation there can be a lot of excitement and uncertainty about college life and I remember how helpful it was for me during my first year to have a group of familiar faces to move through orientation with.  As a mentor I want to facilitate a welcoming and honest environment for first years where we can navigate the ups and downs of the college transition together.  Also, mentoring provides a wonderful opportunity to get to know some of the amazing new Dickinsonians!  Can't wait to meet you all soon!

Isoke Senghor 
Major: Africana Studies 
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY 
Activities on Campus: Posse Scholar, Secretary of the Black Student Union, Social Justice Peer Educator, Dance Theatre Group
Why I want to be a FYM: In highschool I was a part of the first graduating class, so I was used to being the oldest class in school. Upon transitioning from high school to college I was nervous about now being a part of the youngest and newest class. Questions began to come to mind: How would I navigate this already established space? Who could I reach out to on campus if I needed help or someone to talk to? Will I find someone who shared similar interests as me? Luckily, as a Posse Scholar, I was entering my first year knowing a group of individuals whom I had gotten to know throughout the previous year. However, that was not the only group on campus that I met with regularly. There was also my Pre-Orientation group and my First-Year Seminar that allowed me to familiarize and become acquainted with more people on campus. As a first year mentor I am excited to reassure my mentees that whether they are entering their first year already knowing 10 people or not knowing anyone at all, there will be opportunities, groups, and spaces to meet people who may even become a great friend. I am also excited to pass on what I learned during my first year to the incoming students, to be a person they can reach out to and speak with, and to develop my leadership skills. I am glad to say that I had a first-year experience full of self-growth, opportunity and excitement, and I am excited to be support my mentees in having a greater experience.

Jordan Smith  
Major: Mathematics, Minor: Chinese
Hometown: Dayton, OH 
Activities on Campus: MOB (as a Special Events Chair), College Choir, Kappa Alpha Theta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Phi Omega, Quads Community Board, and the Pre-Health Society.  
Why I want to be a FYM: Coming in to a completely new environment my first year at Dickinson I remember how nice it was to have a mentor to not only answer any random questions I had about college but also to be a familiar face around campus. I want to be able to share what I've learned these past three years with this year's First Year students and make their Dickinson experience something really special. 

Nora Strauss
Major: Psychology  
Hometown: State College, PA 
Activities on Campus: Tritons and FYM
Why I want to be a FYM: I want to be a First Year Mentor in order to help incoming First Years get oriented, connected with resources, and to find their place on campus. I think having a positive and helpful First Year Mentor is really important in order to have a great introduction to life at Dickinson, and I know first hand that having a familiar friendly face can really make the transition into college life a lot easier! Overall, I think it's really exciting to get to know the incoming First-Years and see how they fit into the Dickinson community.

Olivia Ellard 
Major: undeclared, but will be anthropology/archaeology
Hometown: Atkinson, NH
Activities on Campus: Climbing Team, Outing Club, Wild Pre-O 
Why I want to be a FYM: I was part of an amazing FIG, and the experience really shaped my freshman year at Dickinson. It helped me navigate a new environment and find my place. I want to be a first-year mentor so I can create the same atmosphere and help first-years make sense of what can be a very hectic time. In my first year at Dickinson, I learned so much and I want to be able to share my experience with new students. I think that the FYM program at Dickinson is one of the best parts of the school because it focuses so closely on helping first-years adjust and I am very excited to be a part of it. 

Ken Bamba
Major: Computer Science, International Business and Mangement 
Hometown: Elmhurst, NY 
Activities on Campus:MOB, Service Trips, Dream Catchers, Outing Club, WILD Pre-O  
Why I want to be a FYM: College is a time of discovery and exploration. I want to help students pursue their interests and become involved Dickinsonians both on and off campus. I’ve learned so much in my first year through my relationships with upperclassmen, and I understand that they are one of the best resources available to students. I want to develop relationships with students and give them the support and guidance that upperclassmen in my life have given me, so I can help guide them in the right direction. There are so many different opportunities at Dickinson that students are unaware about, I want to make sure incoming students are well-informed and prepared to join activities that they are passionate about. In hope that my students reach their full potential, I’m someone that students can come to in need of anything because I'm always willing to give a helping hand. Most importantly, I want to make sure students enjoy their time at Dickinson as much as possible!

Amber Sands  
Major:Italian Studies, Minor in Religion.
Hometown: Nashville, TN 
Activities on Campus:Italian Club, Kappa Alpha Theta, Liberty Cap Society, and Tritons.  
Why I want to be a FYM: To help incoming students with their transition to college life. I remember how nervous I was to start at Dickinson, and the older students I met not only helped to make my transition a lot smoother, but made me feel like I was a part of the Dickinson community. I'm excited to help the class of 2021 feel at home on campus, like older students did for me! 

Caroline O'Leary  
Major: English 
Hometown: Montclair, NJ
Activities on Campus: Liberty Cap Society, Dickinson Christian Fellowship, Alpha Lambda Delta,  Pi Beta Phi, America Reads  
Why I want to be a FYM: I want to be a FYM because it excites me to be a part of the incoming students freshman experience. I look forward to being able to invest in these students and to be someone they can come to for anything. I also want to give back to the dickinson community as I felt so welcomed coming in as first year and had such a positive experience with my first year mentor! 

Lauren Kageler 
Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 
Hometown: Harare, Zimbabwe
Activities on Campus: Club Soccer, Delta Nu, Outing Club, Pre-health society, Alpha Lambda Delta.  
Why I want to be a FYM: I would really like to continue a strong relationship with the first year students that participate in the WILD pre-orientation trip with me. My pre-orientation trip was one of the best decisions that I made because it really set the tone for my first year and helped to make the process a lot easier. I therefore would like to be a supportive and friendly figure for the incoming first years. I would like to make their transition into life at Dickinson as seamless as possible so that they can make the most out of this new experience. I hope to guide the students to take advantage of each opportunity that is available to them, and to foster an environment where they feel comfortable enough to ask questions and seek help when needed.  

Audrey Schlimm  
Major: English 
Hometown: Ellicott City, MD
Activities on Campus:  Liberty Caps Society, Writing Associate, VP of Swing Dance Club, German Club, barista at The Peddler, Challah for Hunger, Alpha Phi Omega, A Sustainable Adventure Pre-O, Alpha Lambda Delta
Why I want to be a FYM: As a First-Year Mentor, I hope to share some of my experiences at Dickinson in order to help new students feel confident and excited to start their journeys here! Every journey is going to be unique, and I can't wait to see the class of 2021 start their own adventures by being a positive voice that students feel they can turn to. My own orientation group helped me find some of my best friends here, and I hope to be a friendly ear and a helpful guide to all things Dickinson in order to help transition new students through any confusion or questions they have so that they too can make our campus a home.

Sophia Scorcia 
History & Italian Studies
Hometown: New York, New York 
Activities on Campus:  Liberty Cap Society (Executive Board), Mermaid Players, Dance Theater Group, Writing Center Tutor and Writing Assistant, Italian Club
Why I want to be a FYM:  I want to be a First Year Mentor because I want to help incoming first years find their place and make a home at Dickinson.  The first few months of my first year were very difficult in terms of finding my way (both literally and figuratively), finding friends that I felt comfortable with, handling the work load, and participating in activities I was interested in, and my First Year Mentor and First Year Interest Group were extremely helpful in providing me with guidance, support, and friends.  I want to serve the students of the class of 2021 as a mentor, support system, and friend, so that they can come to love Dickinson as I have, and make the most of their experience here!