Pre-Orientation Fee Waivers

A limited number of fee waivers are available for students with high financial need. The deadline to indicate interest in a fee waiver is June 14, 2018, after you have already registered for a program. If you would like to apply for a Pre-Orientation program fee waiver, send your request as an email message to Erin Slattery at with the subject line "Pre-O Fee Waiver Request."

In the email, include your name, phone number, Dickinson email address, and the program that you have registered for. Students must register for a Pre-Orientation program prior to requesting a fee waiver. If a student does not qualify for a fee waiver, the student will have the ability to receive their Pre-O program deposit back in full. Students who don't have access to a credit card to pay the $50 registration fee should contact the Office of New Student Programs at 717-245-1671 or