The Dickinson Gateway is an online portal to information and services for the college community. You will be using Gateway as you prepare to come to Dickinson to access your Dickinson email, complete student forms required for attendance and obtain news and information about preparing for Orientation and your first year at Dickinson. As you progress through your college career, the information and services that you access through the Gateway will change. The Gateway allows Dickinson to deliver information and services targeted to your specific roles and activities at the college.

Your Dickinson Gateway user name and password can be found through your application status page. If you encounter difficulties accessing or using the Dickinson Gateway, contact the Library & Information Services Helpdesk at 717-245-1000 or Your user name and password is protected by the college and we will need to verify your identity over the phone or by email. We will only give this information to the individual student and not to individuals calling on their behalf. 

Important Dates and Deadlines

With so much to do before you arrive at Dickinson, we want to help you keep track of everything with this list of important dates and deadlines. It is important to use Dickinson Gateway to complete required forms. The only forms that cannot be completed online through the Gateway are the Health Forms available here

The Online Forms Tab on Gateway will be live in May.

Complete by May 30

  • Disability Accommodations Request (if relevant)

Complete by June 1

  • Emergency Contact Information
  • First-Year Seminar Selection Form
  • Media Relations Form
  • Religious Preference Form (optional)

Complete by July 1

  • Financial Aid Recipient Information Form
  • Health Forms
  • Friendship Family Request Form
  • Roommate Preferences & Housing Agreement Form
  • Language Background Information
  • Music Background Information
  • Placement Testing: Chemistry, Languages, Mathematics and/or Music
  • Summer Advising Session Prep Form
  • Pre-Orientation Registration (optional)

Complete between July 10-14

  • Notify Dining Services of plans for fall semester employment

Complete between July 13-17

  • Academic Advising Process

July 20-27

  • Course Request Period

August 12-30

  • Schedule Adjustment Period

Complete by September 9

  • Academic Integrity online class (available July 15)