Academic Integrity Online Course

Part of the privilege of attending Dickinson College includes the responsibility of adhering to our Community Standards, which include principles for academic integrity. Students are expected show respect for the ideas of other when using them to create original works by citing them appropriately. Plagiarizing the work of others is prohibited and may be harshly penalized.

To help educate our community about this topic, all first-year students and other students new to Dickinson are required to complete an online tutorial regarding academic integrity and plagiarism. Students who do not complete this instruction by the deadline will have a hold placed on their accounts that prevents them from requesting courses during the registration period for spring classes in mid-fall.

To fulfill this requirement, students should:

  • log on to Moodle through Gateway
  • select the course titled “Academic Integrity Tutorial”
  • read the directions and click on the link titled, “Join the Conversation: Work Honestly and Use Information Responsibly” to begin the tutorial

This tutorial must be completed by September 11, 2018.

Students receive credit only after completing the entire tutorial, answering all questions, and clicking the “Submit” button on the last page. Questions about academic integrity may be directed to