Admissions Forum interview

Dickinson is a community of students, faculty and staff where ideas matter. While application essays as a way to discover how you think are an important part of the admission process, our personal interaction with you is critical to the college selection. As an alternative to the traditional admission interview, Dickinson offers prospective students the opportunity to participate in Forum.

Forum is a discussion-driven experience in which prospective students interact with each other and members of our admissions staff. Forum highlights Dickinson’s distinctive brand of liberal-arts education and gives you a preview of the types of discussion and dialogue taking place in our classrooms.

If you feel a little uncomfortable as you consider participating, that’s OK, because our aim at Dickinson College is that exactly—to help you take risks, to promote deep learning, and to encourage you to speak out on issues that matter to you.

Forum FAQs

Q: When is Forum offered?

A: To determine when Forum is available, call the admissions office at 800-644-1773.

Q: How should I prepare?

A: Participating in visit activities (information session and tour, visit program) prior to Forum is one of the easiest and best ways to prepare. Our Web site is another useful tool in preparing for your visit.

Q: Can I participate in both Forum and a traditional interview?

A: In order to accommodate a large number of campus visitors, we ask that you choose to participate in either Forum or an individual interview, but not both.

Q: Does Forum carry the same weight as an individual interview?

A: Yes. A member of the admissions staff will be on hand during Forum to note your participation, your style of response and inquiry and your interaction with others. These observations will carry the same weight in our admissions review process as those derived from the traditional interview.