The purpose of DAVS-to-Parent is to offer parents of admitted and enrolling students congratulations and answer their questions. You may choose to reach out by email or phone (whichever you prefer):

  • If connecting with the parent(s) via email, please include your congratulations on the student’s admission to Dickinson, explain your affiliation with Dickinson, encourage a visit/revisit and offer to answer any questions they may have.
  • If you prefer reaching out by phone, we recommend sending an introductory email informing the parent(s) that you will call in the next day or two. When you speak with them/leave a voicemail/follow-up via email, please also encourage a campus visit/revisit.

Important Note: When planning your outreach, please avoid March 30-April 1 due to religious holidays. Because students do not provide us with their preferred pronouns on the Common Application, we ask that you refer to the student and parent(s) by preferred name rather than gendered pronouns.

Sample E-mail Text

Dear [parent name(s)]:

I am writing as a Dickinson [alumnus/a and/or parent] to offer my personal congratulations on [student's name]'s admission! I can attest to the value of a Dickinson education. [Insert a personal statement/example.]

Your child will join a community which is deeply committed to providing a useful education for the common good. I encourage you to spend time on campus this spring! Our Accepted Open House will be held on April 14 (with both a student and a parent reception offered the evening before), but there are many other opportunities to visit campus as well--let me know if you need more information.

I would be happy to answer any questions you have as you and your child explore Dickinson.

Visit (or Revisit) Options

Students may register for admitted-student visit programs on their Application Status Page (each student has a personal login and password) or parents may call Admissions to register (800-644-1773). 

Visits are welcomed weekdays and most Saturdays in April. For program details, see this page:
Off-campus receptions for admitted and enrolling students are being held in a number of locations: 

Submitting Notes

When you've made contact with a parent(s), be sure to submit notes on that conversation via our online form.