Group tour out front of Old WestDickinson welcomes qualified applicants with previous academic work at other accredited college-level institutions. An applicant normally will be considered for transfer admission if the person has been enrolled elsewhere as a degree candidate for the equivalent of at least two semesters prior to the date of desired enrollment at Dickinson.

As a matter of definition, candidates will be considered for transfer admission if they were enrolled at another institution as full-time, degree-seeking students and were counted as such by that institution. This usually refers to the final day a student can add or drop a course to or from a schedule (commonly referred to as "add/drop"), after which point, a student may not apply as a first-year student and must pursue admission via the transfer process.

The primary factors in the admission of transfers, in addition to those required of first-year applicants, are the college transcript, the reason for transfer, evidence of good academic and non-academic standing (as indicated by the Transfer College Report or similar official statement) and one recommendation from a professor.

Final determination of credit and the satisfaction of distribution requirements will be made by Dickinson's registrar. Answers to frequently asked questions about transfer-credit policies and degree requirements can be found on our registrar's Web page.

Dickinson College sponsors a competitive scholarship, valued at $15,000 per year for community-college graduates in good standing in Phi Theta Kappa.

Contact the Admissions Office for more information.