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Accommodations Process

Process for Receiving Academic Accommodations

Below is an explanation of how the academic accommodations process works.  You can also view and print out a step-by-step summary word document of the Process for Receiving Academic Accommodations.

New Dickinson students are notified to submit their disclosure of a disability by the end of May. By the end of June, students are to have submitted their documentation of their disability. Before the start of the semester, Dean and Director Marni Jones will have a phone conversation with each student to discuss the accommodations process and the specific accommodations for which each student would be eligible.

A week before the start of the semester, all students are to complete their Access Plan and email the professor of each class for which they are seeking accommodations to schedule an Accommodations Plan Meeting with them.

In the first few weeks of each semester, all students seeking academic accommodations for the first time must meet with Marni Jones, the Director of  Access and Disability Services (ADS), to receive an accommodation letter and related forms, which they will take to their Accommodations Plan Meetings with their professors. 

During the meeting, the student and professor will sit down together to discuss the requested accommodations. Once the student and professor decide how accommodations will be implemented, the professor will acknowledge the accommodations in CLIQ. If receiving extended time for testing, the student must consider any class conflicts right before or after class, and if proctoring is needed, indicate on the form the dates and times when tests will need to be proctored.

Once completed, the student is responsible for submitting all test proctoring requests through Office 365, and returning the Blue Form to ADS (Access and Disability Services) within 3 days of the meeting. This form must be turned in, even if the professor will accommodate the student's test-taking needs.

When a test proctor is needed, Susan Frommer, Proctoring Manager, will review the Access Plan and each associated proctoring request. Each proctoring request will be "accepted" through the student's Access Plan in CLIQ to confirm to the student that their request was successfully submitted. If students have any proctoring requests that were not "accepted," this is an indication that the request was not received by ADS. Immediately notify of any request for test proctoring that has gone unacknowledged!

Please note that students requesting a test proctor must give at least one week before any exam. ADS cannot provide test proctoring without sufficient time to prepare for a student's exam.

For more information on the accommodations process, please see the Disclosing and Documenting a Disability page.

ADS is located in Old West, Lower Level
Phone: (717) 245-1734