Antiracism education resources with links

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The PSC invites the campus community to employ these resources to begin exploring the concept of antiracism and ways to apply it to your life and experience. Each of us has a role to play in combating discrimination, inequity, and oppression. This list is a sample of web articles, academic articles, and videos of varying length with insights on antiracism.

The list was curated by the PSC’s Director Vincent L. Stephens, and 2019-20 PSC student project managers Marion Karenzi (’22)and Nhi Ly (’22), and will be updated annually.

Antiracism as a concept and practice

Being “antiracist” compared to being “non-racist”

Practical ways to challenge white supremacy and develop antiracist practices

Exploring white fragility, whiteness and privilege, and antiracist whiteness

  • “The Role of White People in the fight against racism”  (academic essay) - Denise Carreira, International Journal on Human Rights, Issue 28, December 2018
    • Abstract:  This article proposes the need for better engagement of white people and institutions committed to the promotion, advocacy, and guarantee of human rights in the battle against racism. It addresses some of the obstacles, challenges, and possibilities involved in this conflictive construction, especially regarding critical thought and in the process of deconstruction of whiteness as a place where subjective and symbolic material privileges in society are maintained and based on racism.

White antiracist allyship

Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) solidarity with black antiracist movements