Dickinson Jewish Relations Council Logo

The Dickinson Jewish Relations Council works to strengthen and support the Jewish community and its allies at Dickinson through advocacy, education, and coalition-building. Follow them on Instagram for updates.

Executive Board
Sam Halpern '22, President
Luka Dubnick '23, Vice President at Large
Sophie Asbell '24, Vice President for Finance and Program Development
Reuben Winston '21, Vice President for Public Affairs and Communications
Alyssa Martin '22, Vice President for Israel Programs and Combating anti-Zionism
Rachel Prince '21, Vice President for Holocaust Education and Combating Antisemitism
Eli Diamant '22, Vice President for Community Relations and Coalition-Building


  • Public Affairs
  • Israel Programs & Combating anti-Zionism
  • Holocaust Education and Combating Antisemitism
  • Coalition Development


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