Coordinated jointly by the Career Center and the Committee for the Health Professions, the Pre-Health Program supports students and alumni exploring and preparing for careers in the health professions with course advising, career or program information and application assistance. Students that participate actively in the program become the well-rounded and prepared candidates desired by professional schools after completing their coursework along with participation in relevant exploratory activities and mentoring.

Dickinson’s Pre-Health Program provides support and advice for students exploring and planning to pursue careers within a variety of the health professions including medicine, osteopathic medicine, dental medicine, veterinary medicine, and other health professions including nursing, physician assistant, physical therapy, pharmacy, and others. To reach these goals, our students, and alumni, transition through the program and into professional school based on individual timing preferences through discussions with pre-health advisors. Whenever they feel prepared, our candidates enter the professional school application process of the profession that has most interested them. Please view the institutions where our alumni have successfully matriculated to attend professional schools after Dickinson.

For more information, please contact the Career Center Pre-Health Professions Advisor, Debi Swarner.

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