Graduate Linkage Program – University of Maine Linkage

Preferential admission, a waived application fee, and the opportunity to complete a Master of Arts in Global Policy in 15 months may be available to up to ten Dickinson students who meet the following criteria:

  1. An overall Grade Point Average of 3.5 or higher after 16 completed courses at Dickinson
  2. Submission of a completed application, three faculty letters of recommendation, an official transcript, statement of Intent, GRE scores
  3. Recommendation of a Dickinson faculty committee

All application materials will be reviewed by a Dickinson College faculty committee.  Candidates may be asked to revise some or all of the application materials.  If the application materials are approved, they will be forwarded to the University of Maine in mid-December, in addition to a letter of recommendation from the Dickinson faculty committee. The University of Maine will then require an interview; they will make the final admission decision. (Admission will be conditional upon receiving a minimum “B” grade in all classes during the junior and senior years at Dickinson, graduating with a four-year cumulative GPA of 3.5, and completing the required prerequisite courses at Dickinson.)

Please note that Dickinson College financial aid does not extend to the student's time at the University of Maine.  Check with the University of Maine for their current financial aid policy.

All application materials must be submitted to Laura Kilko by November 1st during the junior year at Dickinson.