Whether you are looking to manage your career, change jobs or go back to graduate school the Dickinson Professional Development Webinar Series hosted by the Dickinson Career Center will provide you with the tools to achieve your goals.

Our expert presenters deliver short 30 minute professional development webinars over the lunch-hour to give you helpful professional insights as you manage your career.

Fall 2019

Networking: Building Solid Career Connections 

Tuesday, September 11, 12-12:30pm EST 
Presented by Annie Kondas, Associate Director, Dickinson College Center for Advising, Internships and Lifelong Career Development

It is not who you know, but who knows you. You land jobs, win clients, make sales and get promotions based on your visibility within your company, industry and business community. According to several studies, 70-75% of all new jobs are found through networking. Despite knowing that we should network, the prospect of talking to other people in a room full of total strangers or making new phone contacts may terrify us.
This professional development webinar will help you to:
•            build your confidence to network 
•            talk about what to say, how to say it 
•            understand why you will do your most effective networking 
•            learn what it means to build quality relationships 

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Leveraging your Liberal Arts Degree to Land a Job or Seek a Promotion
November 6, 12-12:30 pm

Presented by Phil Jones, Dean of Career Development, Dickinson College Center for Advising, Internships and Lifelong Career Development
It can be difficult to explain how exactly your degree has helped you excel in your career. Unlike a vocational degree, a liberal arts education often does not directly translate into a specific career path. Yet that fact does not give you license to flounder when discussing your studies in a job interview or cover letter. With a little creativity, you can easily master the art of leveraging your liberal arts degree to land a job, seek a promotion or change your career.

This webinar will help you:
•            Identify transferable skills for a career change
•            Highlight your initiative, creativity and communication skills
•            Demonstrate your knowledge about diverse industries

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Is a Career in the Medical Field Right for You
December 13, 12-12:30 pm

Presented by Debi Swarner, Associate Director and Pre-Health Advisor, Dickinson College Center for Advising, Internships and Lifelong Career Development
Have you been mulling over the possibility of pursuing a career in medicine? Luckily it’s never too late to pursue a new career. Before doing so, however, you need to consider several factors.

This webinar will help you:
•            Help you identify characteristics for success in the medical field
•            Identify career options related within the industry
•            Consider your ability to return for more education

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