Information for Students

Are you a Dickinson student who is interested in job shadowing? Start reaching out today! There are over 400 parents and alumni on AlumniFire just waiting to hear from you. 

A Dickinson job shadow consists of a short-term shadowing experience with a host. Job shadow hosts are Dickinson alumni, parents, or friends of the college who are willing to virtually engage with students to observe and gain a better understanding of both what they do on a daily basis, and the culture in which they work. Job shadowing provides interested students with unpaid, non-credit, short-term virtual shadowing experiences in a wide variety of careers and industries throughout the country.

A student in the job shadow program may:

•    Explore career paths within an organization
•    Have informational interviews with employees
•    Observe virtual interactions between customers and clients
•    Meet with decision makers
•    Take virtual tours of facilities (if possible) and attend staff meetings
•    Assist with projects and tasks


Reaching out to hosts via AlumniFire is, fortunately, an easy process. First, create a Dickinson AlumniFire profile with us, if you don’t already have one. Once you’re logged in to your profile, select the “job shadowing” filter option on the left-hand side of the page. This will filter all of the profiles on AlumniFire to only show you those who have offered to host students for virtual job shadowing. Check out our Job Shadow Guide for more information. 

From there, you can further filter results by entering keywords into the search bar. If, for instance, you were interested in job shadowing someone in the writing industry, you might enter “editor” or “journalist” and see who comes up. Then, start reaching out! Your job shadow experience is only one message away. 

A sample message might say:

“Dear ____, My name is Joe Student and I am a junior at Dickinson College. I am interested in pursuing a career in journalism after graduation, and I saw that you are currently working as an editor at the New York Times, and that you indicated that you are available to host students for a virtual job shadow. I was wondering if you might be interested in talking to me about what you do, and maybe even take me on as a job shadow for a day or two – I would really appreciate getting to learn more about the industry from someone who’s lived it!’


You can look at this sample schedule to get some insight of your own into what the job shadow experience may look like.

It’s also possible that after reaching out to a host, they may only be available or willing to speak with you about their work, rather than take on a full-fledged job shadow, but that’s okay! They still have valuable insight that they can impart onto you, and with over 400 hosts available, there’s bound to be someone ready and willing to share their daily work experience with you. 

After finishing a job shadow, students should fill out this response form to tell us all about how your experience went. Hosts will fill out a similar form. 

For any additional information regarding the virtual Job Shadow experience, please contact Alex Bygrave, Post-Baccalaureate Associate at or (717) 516-1497.