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Career Mentoring

Dickinson career mentors are individuals who have an interest in connecting with students for career related information. Students may contact you to learn more about your industry, your position and career path, and for advice and perspectives regarding the industry or an organization.

To let students know that you are available in this role, please join Alumnifire, a platform that allows you to indicate what you are willing to be contacted about and how often you’re able to be contacted.

How You Can Help Through Alumnifire

•           Offer general career advice.
•           Help someone navigate the application process at your organization.
•           Provide job shadowing/externship opportunities.
•           Participate in mock/practice interviews.
•           Offer introductions and networking.
•           Conduct informational interviews.

How Alumnifire Can Help You

•           Look for a job, internship or new opportunities.
•           Find candidates.
•           Find a mentor or a mentee.
•           Find nearby Dickinsonians.
•           Grow your business.

Join Alumnifire today, and help us strengthen and grow the Dickinson network!