Student Snapshot:
Irem Ozturk ’22

At age 16, Irem Ozturk ’22 left her home in Turkey to attend school overseas and learn English. As an international student at Dickinson, she’s involved in an array of campus groups and organizations, including her work as a sports-medicine assistant, an area of professional interest. She’s conducted student-faculty research on cancer at Dickinson and interned through MedStar Health and Atlantic Health Systems. Below, she discusses her transformative First-year Seminar, the many life lessons she’s learned through her time at Dickinson and the friends and mentors she’s discovered along the way.


Irem Ozturk


Rachel Flame '22

Student Snapshot:
Rachel Flame ’22

Rachel Flame ’22 (biochemistry & molecular biology) is a student-athlete, student-mentor and teaching assistant who's also found the time to conduct student-faculty research with four science professors! Below, she discusses all this and more, and offers advice on how to get the most out of college.


While we encourage you to watch the whole video, this Dickinson College farm segment highlights Pre-Health Program alum, Danielle Moser ’20, in her work as a Dickinson College Farm apprentice (starting at 4:17).
walking tour



Red Devil Alumni Spotlight:
Catherine Campbell Worthington ‘12

Catherine, a former biochemistry & molecular biology major and now a doctor in a Baltimore-area orthodontics practice. 



Tao Xu

Student Snapshot:
Tao Xu ’21

Tao Xu ’21, a biochemistry & molecular biology and neuroscience double major with a chemistry minor who’s served high-level internships at two medical colleges. He’s also found time to work as a tour guide, serve in Student Senate and get involved with Chinese Students and Scholars and the Pre-health Society— all while serving as a volunteer at the UPMC Carlisle Hospital Emergency Room.


Student Snapshot:
Alice Agyekum ’22

Preparing for a career in medicine, Alice Agyekum ’22 (math, pre-health) served a high-level research internship on heart-valve replacements and the patients who receive them. She says that with encouragement from loved ones and Dickinson mentors and friends, she’s learned the value of pushing forward to pursue opportunities that may at first seem out of reach.


            Alice Agyekum

Student Snapshot:
Liam Pauli ’21

Hearing about his mom’s experiences as a NICU nurse inspired Liam Pauli ’21 (biochemistry & molecular biology, German) to pursue a career in medicine. He now plans to one day become a pediatrician. Below, he discusses why he loves being a part of the swim team, what impressed
him most about Dickinson students and coaches during his MTO visit to campus, what he
enjoyed most about studying abroad, his hospital internship and more.


            Liam Pauli

Justina Warnick



Student Snapshot:
Justina Warnick '20

She discusses the mentors and friends who’ve made all the difference, the class that sparked her interest in primary care and her experiences translating for Spanish-speaking migrant workers and their English-speaking health care providers, her work as a Neurodegenerative Undergraduate Research Fellow and her student-faculty research on the relationship between exercise and addiction.



Both Nowicki and Medina came to Dickinson with plans to become doctors, and both benefited from performing student-faculty research.


PH News page
Dickinson’s Pre-Health Allied Health Career Interest Group welcomed four Geisinger Holy Spirit employees to Biddle House to talk about their careers on Tuesday, October 1, 2019. Amy Olayiwola, PA-C, Family Practitioner; Sunny Goodyear, BSN, RN, Trauma Prevention Coordinator; Shannon Walko, PT, Lead Therapist; and Katherine Hill, OT, Occupational Therapist met with students to share stories about their careers and provide realistic yet humorous insights about how their jobs can be both challenging and fun. Learning about the ways that they experience interprofessional collaboration was one of the highlights of the talk for some of the students while others found it interesting to learn about day-to-day experiences. 

Bridgette Stickney


Student Snapshot: Brigette Stickney ’20

“I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to study health in different cultural contexts around the world, and I can’t wait to apply what I learned to my future medical career,” says Brigette Stickney ’20 (biochemistry & molecular biology), who interned with the Comprehensive Rural Health Project and studied breast cancer treatment while studying abroad in India and also completed health-related ethnographic research in Tanzania.

Internship Spotlight: Katie Koczirka '20, Boston Children's Hospital

Katie Koczirka '20 is spending her summer as an intern at the Boston Children's Hospital, where she's sharpening her lab skills while working alongside professional cancer researchers.  Read more...

Katie Koczirka

Internship Spotlight: Zoey Miller '20, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Zoey Miller '20 is spending her second summer in a row at CHOP as a research intern, sharpening the skills she's learned in the labs at Dickinson.

Zoey Miller '20
Demetria Ruhl ’20 has been fascinated with chemistry ever since writing a high-school paper about auroras. Now, she’s a double major in chemistry and French and a varsity swimmer who’s studied abroad in Toulouse, France, and gained valuable experiences through a hospital internship and a class that included hands-on research at Dickinson's College Farm. She says that at Dickinson, she’s found room to pursue all of these interests and more.  Read more...
Demetria Ruhl
Liam Stenson
The Dickinson Minority Association of Premedical Students (MAPS) Chapter was granted approval to operate as a chapter founded by The Student National Medical Association in April 2019. The club, also approved this year to operate by the Dickinson College Student Senate, holds meetings monthly and discusses topics like performing well academically, gaining experiences to prepare for medical programs and resume writing along with other topics. The membership of Dickinson’s MAPS chapter attended this year’s national conference in Philadelphia in April. They attended interesting presentations, met lots of fellow undergrads interested in attending medical school and, in general, benefitted in many ways from the experience.