Below is a partial list of our programs for the year. All dates are approximate and subject to change. Events are added weekly, so stay updated with our social medias and newsletter

Fall 2019

August 25-September 1: Pre-Orientation and Orientation
September 1: Interfaith Bagel Brunch
September 16: Labyrinth
September 27-29: Homecoming & Family Weekend
October 3: Fall Faith Festival 
October 15: Beliefs and Big Questions
October 19-22: Fall Pause
October 26: Genocide, Justice, and Hope
October 28: Labyrinth
October 30: All Campus Memorial Service
November 11: Labyrinth
November 20: Language of Thanks 
November 22: Hunger Banquet
November 27-29: Holiday 
December 5: Advent Lessons and Carols 
December 8: Rise Against Hunger
December 9: Labyrinth

Spring 2020