Meet Our Vendors

Dickinson Dining Services has established business relationships with multiple local food producers. In doing so, we are supporting sustainable efforts through limited delivery travel and fostering local jobs and keeping our spending in the community. Each of these vendors delivers directly to us at the Holland Union Building. Here are the local producers we purchase from:

Dickinson College Farm
553 Park Drive, Boiling Springs
6 miles from campus

Dickinson College's USDA-certified organic farm supplies Dining Services with fresh vegetables, fruits, and beef when available.  In season, products can be found on our salad bars and as ingredients for soups, sides, and entree recipes from our kitchen.

Three Springs Fruit Farm
1600 Bendersville Wenksville Road, Aspers
20 miles from campus

Three Springs Fruit Farm routinely delivers fruits including multiple varieties of apples, peaches and other tree fruits to Dickinson. Additionally we purchase fresh-pressed apple cider from the farm.

Rutter's Dairy
2295 Susquehanna Trail
Suite C
York, PA 1740
37.5 miles from campus

Dining Services purchases dairy products including a variety of milk, half and half, cream, and buttermilk from Rutter's Dairy. We also receive lemonade, orange juice, and tea cooler, a Dickinson favorite, from the dairy.

Tom Jones Honey
2989 Enola Road, Carlisle
7 miles from campus

Independent bee keeper Tom Jones sells bulk honey to Dining Services throughout the year.

Terranetti's Bakery
844 West Trindle Road, Mechanicsburg
9 miles from campus

Dining Services purchases breads and rolls from Terranetti's Bakery, a family-owned Italian bakery.

Warrington Farm Meats
885 Mount Zion Road, Dillsburg
14 miles from campus

Warrington Farm Meats provides locally raised beef products and burgers to Dining Services. Additionally, Dining Services purchases other cuts of meat for larger functions and catered event.

Additionally, we purchase from the following local distributors:

Feesers Food Distributors

James C. Bartoli, Inc. Produce

John Gross & Company Food Distributors

Wild Planet Tuna
Sustainable tuna!