Personal Computing Support Policy


User Services Help Desk and Support Specialists provide assistance to faculty, staff, students, and guests to the College on a wide variety of technology-related subjects.  The following policy outlines Dickinson’s approach to support of guests of the College as well as employee and student personal computing equipment.

Computing Support

Support of Guests to the College

User Services staff can assist guests to the College with issues related to network connectivity, the use of supported software applications, advice related to malware protection and security practices, as well as very general computer troubleshooting. 

Support of Employee Personal Computing Equipment

For computing equipment owned by employees, several local vendors can provide repair services for Macintosh and Windows technology.  In the event of a hardware issue on a personally owned device, faculty and staff are expected to use a local repair service or the warranty and support services of the computer manufacturer for assistance.  User Services staff can recommend a local repair service but will not repair, nor remediate, personally owned computers.

Support of Student Personal Computing Equipment (Resnet Services Annex)

For computing equipment owned by students, User Services maintains the Resnet Services Annex (RSA).  The RSA is located in the rear of the HUB Micro Room and is staffed by student technicians managed by User Services.  RSA technicians can assist students on a variety of technology-related subjects including; malware/virus infections, network connectivity, MPAA/RIAA violations, operating systems issues, hardware malfunctions, and general computer troubleshooting.

The RSA is not responsible for purchasing any software or hardware resources to assist in the repair of student systems.  Furthermore, students seek assistance from the RSA at their own risk and Dickinson is not responsible for the loss of any data, which may result from RSA staff efforts to resolve an issue.

Best Practices

When using personal computers on campus, User Services recommends the following best practices:

  • All employees and students should password-protect their personal computers.
  • Abide by the Responsible Use of Information Technology Resources Policy.
  • Assure that personal computers have the most recent security and application updates installed.
  • Assure that mobile devices are reasonably secured against theft and/or damage