The ALLARM staff is comprised of the directors and the student watershed coordinators. The students have a variety of roles in the office but their responsibilities often overlap creating a dynamic office community. The ALLARM staff fosters a community where collaboration thrives to accomplish the organization's historic mission. The collaborative atmosphere also fosters new ideas and projects as the organization moves into the future.

Julie VastineALLARM Director Julie Vastine


As the director of ALLARM I am responsible for leading the ALLARM program, working with ALLARM's fabulous students and providing technical assistance to watershed communities to monitor, protect and restore water quality.

Watershed address: LeTort Spring Run, Conodoguinet Creek, Susquehanna River, Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean

Jinnie MonismithJinnie Monismith Director of Technical Assistance

Assistant Director of Technical Assistance

I help local communities learn more about their watersheds through stream monitoring.  I oversee lab activities, including research, ALLARM's quality assurance/quality control program, and the Letort monitoring project.

Watershed address: Meetinghouse Run, Conodoguinet Creek, Susquehanna River, Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean

Holden Sparacinopicture of Sparacino

Assistant Director of Outreach

My responsibilities include overseeing ALLARM’s outreach in Pennsylvania through organizing shale gas workshops and improving our connections and support for volunteer monitors, as well as managing ALLARM’s publications, website and visibility on Dickinson’s campus. 

Watershed address: LeTort Spring Run, Conodoguinet Creek, Susquehanna River, Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean

Candie Wilderman Candie Wilderman, Science Adviser and Founder

Founder & Scientific Advisor

As the science advisor for ALLARM, most of my duties involve helping with the development of scientific protocols for monitoring programs. I also advise on the educational approaches for training and technical support.

Watershed address: Willow Creek, Cedar Run, Yellow Breeches Creek, Susquehanna River, Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean

Noah BurchardNoah Burchard

Watershed Coordinator - Shale Gas
Class of 2015

I research hydraulic fracturing issues for educational purposes as ALLARM engages students and community volunteers. I also manage water quality data collected by volunteers for our shale gas program.

Watershed Address: N. Fork Shenandoah River, Shenandoah River, Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean

Nikki DuttaNikki Dutta

Watershed Coordinator - Environmental Education
Class of 2016

As an Environmental Educator coordinator I will construct and teach lesson plans for the local youth and community about water quality and aquatic ecosystems. These lessons will provide crucial information about how to analyze, sustain and maintain aquatic ecosystems.

Watershed Address: Timber Lake, South Fork Little Difficult Run, Little Difficult Run, Difficult Run, Potomac River, Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean

Max EgenerMax egener

Watershed Coordinator - Storm Water, Stream Restoration & Technical Assistance
Class of 2016

I am working to compile and analyze 20 years of data on the Letort stream run that will be presented to the regional authority this year. I also work on the Stormwater campaign aimed at improving local practices that impact stormwater runoff, and I’m a part of the stream restoration team which maintains a riparian buffer along the Yellow Breeches.

Watershed address: Lower Willamette, Lower Columbia-Clatskanie, Lower Columbia, Pacific Ocean

Claire JordyClare Jordy

Watershed Coordinator - Environmental Education
Class of 2017

At ALLARM, I work in Environmental Education. I hope to educate others about water quality, especially citizen-based water monitoring. I also hope to gain knowledge and experience through environmental education such as learning about water quality and learning how the community perceives water issues. This semester, I will be working with two different education groups, middle school and high school age, to teach about macro invertebrates and about other parameters that indicate water health. 

Watershed address: Rio Fernando de Taos, Rio Pueblo de Taos, Rio Grande, Gulf of Mexico  

Caroline KanaskieCaroline kanaskie

Watershed Coordinator - Shale Gas & Stream Restoration
Class of 2017

As a Stream Restoration coordinator, I focus on maintaining and expanding the current riparian buffer zone, which is located near the college farm on the Yellow Breeches Creek. Phase two of our three-phase buffer planting plan will be realized in fall 2014, and we hope to complete phase three next spring. I also engage in shale gas outreach by composing e-newsletters and updating our online toolkit

Watershed address: Cold Run, Little Schuylkill River, Schuylkill River, Delaware River, Delaware Bay, Atlantic Ocean

Emily KaplitaEmily kaplita

Watershed Coordinator - Stream Restoration & Shale Gas
Class of 2016

As a Stream Restoration Coordinator I am working on a three phase riparian buffer project. I am focusing on the phase three tree planting, and the development of the site as a whole. In addition, as a Shale Gas Coordinator I am working on producing the Shale Gas Meet the Monitors Newsletter to spread awareness about all of our volunteers and their efforts.

Watershed Address: Pomperaug River, Pootatuck, Mill River, Atlantic Ocean

Megan LaymanMegan layman

Watershed Coordinator - Technical Assistance
Class of 2016

I am a junior here at Dickinson! I am an Athletic Eco-Rep, and I do community service for the all-girls group, Phoenix, here on campus! I am so excited to be a part of ALLARM this year and I cannot wait to see all the fun things this organization has to offer me!

Watershed address: Sanders Hill Brook, Lake Waramaug Brook, East Aspetuck River, West Aspetuck River, Housatonic River, Atlantic Ocean

Carmen MannCarmen Mann

Watershed Coordinator -Storm Water
Class of 2014

As a Stormwater Coordinator I will be working on improving stormwater quality in the area by working on education campaigns to raise awareness about the affects of stormwater on the Letort Spring Run I am also starting a new program at ALLARM called adopt a storm drain, I am really excited to see where it goes!  

Watershed Address: Middle Potomac, Anacostia, Occoquan, Atlantic Ocean

Katie MatternKatie mattern

Watershed Coordinator - Storm Water
Class of 2016

I am a Storm Water Coordinator and am conducting research on storm water best management practices and rain gardens, particularly with respect to the Carlisle area’s karst terrain.  I am also helping to plan a rain barrel workshop for the Carlisle community.

Watershed address: Lower Susquehanna- Swatara, Lower Susquehanna, Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean

Andrew McGowanAndrew mcgowan

Watershed Coordinator - Lab Coordinator
Class of 2016

I am one of the lab coordinators at ALLARM, where my role is to ensure the data-stream monitors collections are as accurate and precise as possible. I also monitor the LeTort Spring Run every other month with the other coordinators.

Watershed address: Charles Run, Lake Roland, Jones Falls River, Upper Chesapeake Bay,  Atlantic Ocean

Jess PoteetJess Poteet

Watershed Coordinator - Lab & Technical Assistance
Class of 2015

As a lab coordinator, I check volunteers' water samples to make sure they are monitoring correctly. I also help monitor the local LeTort Spring Run every other month. To help provide technical assistance to watershed monitoring groups, I am currently working on a monitor-specific template to provide volunteers with a more comprehensive visual analysis of the stream they monitor. While I do love analyzing water samples with chemical tests in the lab, my other love with water involves scuba diving in it. 

Watershed address: Neshannock Creek, Shenango River, Beaver River, Ohio River, Mississippi River, Gulf of Mexico

Helen SchlimmHelen Schlimm

Watershed Coordinator - Lab Coordinator
Class of 2017

I assist with LeTort Spring Run water monitoring and also do Quality Assistance, Quality Control testing on the volunteer shale gas samples sent to the lab. I also help prepare equipment for workshops and provide other general help in the lab setting.

Watershed Address: Front Hill Stream, Little Patuxent River, Patuxent River, Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean 

Joan SmedinghoffJoan Smedinghoff

Watershed Coordinator - Outreach Coordinator
Class of 2015

As a Campus Outreach Coordinator, I work on engaging ALLARM with the Dickinson community. I also work on Public Outreach, where my main tasks include: editing ALLARM’s annual newsletter and designing materials such as posters and brochures.

Watershed Address: Des Plaines River, Mississippi River, Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean

Ilana UngerIlana Unger

Watershed Coordinator - Outreach Coordinator
Class of 2015

I am part of the Campus Outreach team at ALLARM. My job is to spread awareness and knowledge about ALLARM to the Dickinson community. We are working towards being more present on campus and making ALLARM more accessible for volunteers. I’m excited to see where this new job will go! 

Watershed Address: Boulder Creek, St. Vrain Creek, South Platte, Platte River, Missouri River, Mississippi River, Gulf of Mexico to Atlantic Ocean