Student Research Grants

Community Studies and Mosaics Grants for Student Travel & Research

Community Studies and Mosaics provides grants for students to conduct independent research or travel to present the results of research projects at scholarly meetings and conferences. Any independent community-based field research project in which the primary sources and/or data collection is “in the field' (not only in the archives, library, laboratory or classroom) is eligible for support. If in doubt, ask. Through a grant application process, funds will be provided primarily for travel expenses (transportation, per diem, parking, etc.).  The grants cannot be used to purchase equipment. However, since Community Studies and Mosaics and other Technology related divisions of the College provide equipment for fieldwork those needs should be made known in the proposal.

Grant Proposals: Grant proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis during the academic school year. Copies of each proposal should be submitted electronically. Please email submissions to both the Director of Community Studies and Mosaics, Professor Susan Rose, at and the Community Studies and Mosaics Academic Department Coordinator, Meta Bowman, at

Applications:  Application forms can be downloaded from this web site or picked up at the Center for Civic Learning and Action (located at 239 W. Louther Street) between 9:30 am - 11:30 pm and 1:30pm - 4 pm, weekdays. All recipients of grants will be expected to provide a detailed report on the completed project as well as deposit digitized copies of any materials produced (papers, posters, films, etc.) in the Community Studies and Mosaics archives. You may be asked to allow your work to be posted on the Community Studies and Mosaics Website.

Application for travel to present at a conference
Application for research

You can read about recent grant recipients in past Community Studies and Mosaics Newsletters

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--The Grants Committee of Community Studies and Mosaics

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