Learning communities...integrate academic subject matter and social interactions while providing the physical space or facility for an intellectually stimulating environment to emerge.”
—Aaron Brower and Karen Dettinger, 1998

Learning Communities:

  • Create opportunities for intellectual and social interaction with peers and faculty around shared interests
  • Build a supportive social network among First-Year students transitioning into college life
  • Promote strong student-faculty connections
  • Help students realize the broadest range of educational opportunities that Dickinson's campus offers
  • Emphasize inter-disciplinary perspectives
  • Connect classroom discussion to applications in the broader world

Learning Community Activities:

Each Learning Community member can expect to participate in a variety of activities on and off campus that deepen the learning experience. These may include:

  • Small group interaction with speakers on campus
  • Field trips
  • Service-learning projects
  • Dinner-discussions with faculty
  • Film discussions

Each Learning Community is assigned an upper-level student Coordinator (LCC) who lives in the residence hall and works with students and faculty in support of Learning Community goals.

Working with their LCC and faculty members, participants in Learning Communities will be able to plan and implement activities that help meet the goals of their particular community. During the spring semester students will have the opportunity to plan and implement programs.