The Department maintains at least one staff accompanist at all times to assist Performance Studies students in their practicing and performance preparation. There is also usually at least one student accompanist available who agrees to be compensated by the Department to serve a similar function.

Throughout the Semester

Students may request a maximum of one session per week with Departmental Accompanists, with the exception of those registered for 323/324 (junior recital) and 423/424 (senior recital).

To make an appointment, please send an e-mail to the Staff Accompanist, Prof. Kim. Students are encouraged to use the Student Accompanists (rather than Staff Accompanists) in the early, “note-crunching” stages of repertoire preparation, and to work with the Staff Accompanist only after achieving a higher level of competence with repertoire & performance.


All student juries will be accompanied by the Department’s Staff Accompanist. Student accompanists do not play juries unless they have worked with a student all semester and both instructors agree to this.

During the final four weeks of the semester, all students enrolled in Vocal Performance Studies may schedule only one 20-minute appointment with the Staff Accompanist for jury preparation. Please plan accordingly. Students may come to their session with a blank cassette tape and ask for their accompaniment to be taped, but please do not ask accompanists to make tapes outside of scheduled coaching times.


In order to cancel an appointment, students should notify both the accompanist and their studio instructor via e-mail or phone no later than 9:00 AM on the day of the appointment. Students who fail to show up for scheduled appointments without giving sufficient notice will lose the privilege of using the department’s accompanists in the future.